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Get Stegmann Encoder and Resolver Repair Here

SICK STEGMANN Encoder Repair
SICK STEGMANN DFS 60 Incremental Encoder.
We service all SICK STEGMANN Encoder models.

YES - We Can Repair Your Device!

ACS repairs all Stegmann encoder and resolver products. We use the latest test and repair equipment to get your Stegmann encoder or resolver repaired and back to you as fast as possible. Evaluations are free and if your Stegmann encoder or resolver is beyond repair, we will do everything we can to get you a replacement. For a Free Evaluation, click this link, ACS Repair Form or Call 800-605-6419 for more information and help.

How Much Will It Cost?

Most Stegmann Encoders and Resolvers can be repaired for a fraction of what it will cost to buy new one. See our Repair Pricing for an explanation of repair cost.

How Long Will It Take To Get An Estimate?

It usually takes 3-5 days to evaluate most Stegmann Encoders and Resolvers for repair unless you need Rush Service. Rush jobs are usually quoted 24-48 hours after we receive the items. Click ACS Rush Service for Rush Service details.

How Long Will It Take To Get It Back?

Standard repairs are usually shipped 7-14 days after they are approved. Rush repairs are usually shipped 5 working days or less after approval. Many Rush Repairs can be completed in as little as 48 Hours. Click Stegmann Encoder and Resolver Repair form.

Free Evaluations, Expert Service

  • Free evaluations are provided with a price quotation for the repair of your Stegmann Encoder or Resolver. When approved, the encoder or resolver is repaired, tested and shipped back to you FAST. Quick turn-around Is our specialty. Click here to access our Free Evaluation Form, ACS Repair Form Or Call 800-605-6419
  • Each Stegmann Encoder or Resolver is expertly evaluated, tested, and repaired by trained, experienced technicians. Using sophisticated, modern diagnostic equipment in our repair labs guarantees reliable encoder and resolver repairs. For Trouble Free Operation Upon Return Or Your Encoder or Resolver, Rely On ACS Industrial Services.
  • Rush Repair Service is available upon request and in most cases can be completed in as little as 24 hours. Additional fees will apply for rush service.

Schedule Your Free Evaluation Today

Call now to speak to one of our Stegmann Encoder and Resolver Repair customer service reps, 800-605-6419, or send your Stegmann Encoder or Respolver to ACS for a Free Evaluation Today! Click Here For Our Free Evaluation Repair Form, ACS Repair Form.

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ACS Rush Service
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Model Numbers

The following is a list of many of the Stegmann models we service and repair. We offer service for more than what is shown here. If the model number of your encoder or resolver is not shown here, it is very likely we can be of assistance. Just contact us for more information.

4453J00R0001 AG626 SSI BKS DGS 34 DRS60 PKS
4453JOOR0001 AG626-DN BTF DGS 35 DRS61 Pomux KH 53
462552I00350 AG65LC C-Pomux P510 DGS 60 GS 22 PRF
4K1XV3610801 AG661 C-Pomux P553 DGS 65 HD 20 S9766A7-20
4K5X53984500 AG661C10 CA20 DGS 66 HD 32 SCK25
5LHEC1700501 AG665 CA25 DGS20 HD 52 SCK35
6-111431-1500 AHG926 DP CA6 DGS21 HD20 SCK40
61114020030 AHG926 IBS CDD50 DGS22 HD20-S31 SCK45
61114311500 AHG926 SSI CI20 DGS25 HD20DO SCK53
AFM60 ARS 20 CI25 DGS34 HD20DO-1500 SCM 60
AFS60 ARS 25 CI6 DGS35 HD25 SCM 70
AG 612 NIB ARS 60 CNS50 DGS60 HD32 SCS 60
AG100-412400000000 ARS20 DFS 60 DGS65 HD52 SCS 70
AG100-4124BSR00000 ARS25 DFS60 DGS66 HG660 SHM 170
AG100MV ARS60 DG 60 D DGS66-AAK05000 HG66015AKR24 SHS 17
AG100S ARS60-AAL00036 DG 60 KTM DGS66-AAM05000 HG900E SHS 170
AG101 ATM 60-A DG 60L WKR DKS 40 HS 20 SHS17
AG101-4J1X53741210 ATM 60-C DG1604 DKS40 HS20 SKM36
AG101MV ATM 60-D DG60 DKV 60 HS20-S03 SRM 25
AG102 ATM 60-P DG60D DKV60 HS35 SRM25
AG110 ATM 90-A DG60KT6 DRS 20 K15 SRM50
AG60C7 ATM 90-P DG60L DRS 205 KH 53 SRM64
AG60E01 ATM60 DG60LC1 DRS 25 KH53 SRS 25
AG612 ATM60-A DG60LES DRS 60 KH53-A SRS25
AG61264096X409 ATM60-C DG63KA DRS 61 L 230 SRS660
AG615 ATM60-D DG90 DRS20 L230 XKS
AG626 ATM60-P DGS 20 DRS20-5F400360 LD 20  
AG626 DN ATM90 DGS 21 DRS21 LD20  
AG626 DP ATM90-A DGS 22 DRS25 LK15  
AG626 IBS ATM90-P DGS 25 DRS26 MRA-F  

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