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Get Lambda Power Supply & Inverter Repair Services Here.

Save Time and Money with Expert Lambda Power Supply & Inverter Repairs

Lambda Power Supply Repair
Lambda LW Series Power Supply
We service most Lambda models.

ACS has Lambda power supply & inverter repair experience!

  • Repair your Lambda power supply or inverter and save up to 80% of the cost to purchase a new one
  • Most power supply & inverters repairs are back in your hands in 5-15 days; with our Rush Repair Service repairs ship in just 2-5 days
  • We guarantee your repairs with a full Two-Year Warranty
It’s EASY.....
  • All you pay is shipping.
  • No Estimates - No Surprises...
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Need RUSH Service?

  • Rush Repair Service is available upon request and in many cases repairs can be completed in 48-72 hours.

If you need your Lambda Power Supply or Inverter Repaired and back ASAP, you need Rush Service. Call 800-605-6419 to speak to one of our customer service reps or click this link to fill out a simple repair form and get an RMA number assigned to your job, ACS Repair Form. Additional fees apply for rush service.

Free Evaluations, Expert Service

  • There is no charge for the evaluation of power supplies and inverters. Free evaluations are provided with a price quotation for the repair. When approved, your power supply or inverter is repaired, tested and shipped back to you FAST. Quick turn-around Is our specialty. Click here to access our Free Evaluation Form and get an RMA number, ACS Repair Form Or Call 800-605-6419.
  • Your Lambda Power Supply or Inverter will be expertly evaluated, load tested, and repaired by trained, experienced technicians with tons of experience. Using modern diagnostic equipment in our repair labs guarantees reliable power supply and inverter repairs.
  • For Fast, Reliable Lambda Power Supply & Inverter Repair, Rely On ACS Industrial Services.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our prices are very competitive and our repair quality and warranty policy are one of the best available. We will not skimp or take short cuts on your item. See a more detailed pricing explanation at our Lambda Power Supply & Inverter Repair Pricing page.

Is it fixed right?   Yes ... GUARANTEED!

Every ACS repair is covered by a comprehensive two-year warranty unless otherwise stated on your quote. Click this link for more warranty information.

Schedule Your Free Evaluation Today

Got questions? Call now to speak to one of our Customer Service Reps, 800-605-6419, or send your Lambda Power Supply or Inverter to ACS for a Free Evaluation Today! Click Here For Our Free Evaluation Repair Form, ACS Repair Form.

Schedule Your Free Evaluation Today

Call now to speak to one of our Lambda Power Supply & Inverter Customer Service Reps, 800-605-6419, or send your Lambda Power Supply or Inverter to ACS for a Free Evaluation Today! Click Here For Our Free Evaluation Repair Form, ACS Repair Form.

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Model Numbers

The following is a list of many of the Lambda models we service and repair. We offer service for more than what is shown here. If the model number of your power supply is not shown here, it is very likely we can be of assistance. Just contact us for more information.

ALE 102A Series GEN 300-2.5 HWS600-48 LZS-1500-3 UEZ1-3-A-B-J
ALE 152A Series GEN 300-33 HWS600-48/HD LZS-250-1 UEZ1-5Q-C-E-M-S
ALE 202A Series GEN 300-5 HWS600-5 LZS-250-2 UEZ1-9E
ALE 203 Series GEN 300-50 HWS600-5/HD LZS-250-3 UEZ1-9H-B-D-G-J
ALE 303 Series GEN 40-19 JFS-0500-24 LZS-500-1 UEZ1-9H-F
ALE 402 Series GEN 40-250 JFS-0500-48 LZS-500-2 UEZ1-F-N-Z
ALE 500A Series GEN 40-38 JFS-0750-24 LZS-500-3 UEZ1-H-L-R
ALE 802 Series GEN 40-85 JFS-0750-48 LZS-750-1 UGZ1-3-A-B-J
ALE LC1202 Series GEN 400-25 JFS-1000-24 LZS-750-2 UGZ1-5Q-C-E-M-S
ALE XR Series GEN 400-37.5 JFS-1000-48 LZS-750-3 UGZ1-9E-9E
ALE XRDC Series GEN 50-200 JFS-1500-24 LZSa1000-2 UGZ1-9E-9H-D-G-J
CA1000 GEN 50-30 JFS-1500-48 LZSa1000-3 UGZ1-9H-F
CA1500 GEN 500-20 JFS-2000-24 LZSa1500-3 UGZ1-F-N-Z
CPCI175HP47 GEN 500-30 JFS-2000-48 LZSa500-3 UGZ1-H-L-R
CPCI175MP47 GEN 6-100 JWS100-12/A MTW15-51212 VA Series
CPCI175P47 GEN 6-200 JWS100-15/A MTW30-51212 Vega
CS250 GEN 60-12.5 JWS100-24/A MTW60-51212 VEGA 450
CSF250 GEN 60-167 JWS100-28/A NND15 VEGA 650
CSF350 GEN 60-25 JWS100-3/A NND30 VEGA 900
DHP240-24-3 GEN 60-250 JWS100-48/A NNS15 VEGA Lite 550
DHP480-24-1 GEN 60-55 JWS100-5/A NNS30 VEGA Lite 750
DHP480-24-3 GEN 600-1.3 JWS100-6/A NNS50 Vega VAR
DHP960-24-3 GEN 600-17 JWS100-9/A NV1-1G000 Vega-Lite
DLP100-24-1/E GEN 600-2.6 JWS120P-24 NV1-1T000 VS100B-12
DLP120-24-1/E GEN 600-25 JWS120P-48 NV1-453FF VS100B-15
DLP180-24-1/E GEN 600-5.5 JWS150-12/A NV1-453FF-N3 VS100B-24
DLP240-24-1/E GEN 7.5-1000 JWS150-15/A NV1-453TT VS100B-3
DLP75-24-1/E GEN 8-180 JWS150-24/A NV1-453TT-N3 VS100B-36
DPP100-24 GEN 8-400 JWS150-28/A NV1-4G5FF VS100B-48
DPP15-24 GEN 8-90 JWS150-3/A NV1-4G5FF-N3 VS100B-5
DPP25-5 GEN 80-125 JWS150-48/A NV1-4G5TT VS100P-24
DPP30-12 GEN 80-187.5 JWS150-5/A NV1-4G5TT-N3 VS10C-12
DPP30-24 GEN 80-19 JWS240P-24 NV350 VS10C-15
DPP50-15 GEN 80-42 JWS240P-36 NV350-FEP VS10C-24
DPP50-24 GEN 80-9.5 JWS240P-48 NV700 VS10C-3
DPP50-48 GENH 100-7.5 JWS300-12 NVA3-350FF VS10C-5
DSP10-12 GENH 12.5-60 JWS300-15 NVA3-350FF-N3 VS150B-12
DSP10-15 GENH 150-5 JWS300-2 NVA3-350TT VS150B-15
DSP10-24 GENH 20-38 JWS300-24 NVA3-350TT-N3 VS150B-24
DSP10-5 GENH 30-25 JWS300-28 NVA3-453FF VS150B-3
DSP100-12 GENH 300-2.5 JWS300-3 NVA3-453FF-N3 VS150B-36
DSP100-15 GENH 40-19 JWS300-48 NVA3-453TT VS150B-48
DSP100-24 GENH 6-100 JWS300-5 NVA3-453TT-N3 VS150B-5
DSP100-24/C2 GENH 60-12.5 JWS300-6 OVP12 VS150P-24
DSP30-12 GENH 600-1.3 JWS300-9 PF1000A-360 VS15C-12
DSP30-15 GENH 8-90 JWS480P-24 PF500A-360 VS15C-15
DSP30-24 GENH 80-9.5 JWS480P-48 PFE500-12 VS15C-24
DSP30-5 HDA-12-15 JWS50-12/A PFE500-28 VS15C-3
DSP60-12 HDB-12-15 JWS50-15/A PFE500-48 VS15C-5
DSP60-15 HDC-12 JWS50-24/A PFE700-48 VS30C-12
DSP60-24 HDC-15 JWS50-28/A PR500-280 VS30C-15
DSP60-5 HK100A JWS50-3/A RTW03-12R VS30C-24
EMHP 10-1000 HK10A JWS50-5/A RTW03-25R VS30C-3
EMHP 10-1500 HK150A JWS50-9/A RTW03-35R VS30C-5
EMHP 10-3000 HK15A JWS600-12 RTW03-70RL VS50B-12
EMHP 150-130 HK25A JWS600-15 RTW05-10R VS50B-15
EMHP 150-200 HK50A JWS600-2 RTW05-20R VS50B-24
EMHP 150-350 HSB-12-1.7 JWS600-24 RTW05-30R VS50B-3
EMHP 150-400 HSB-15-1.5 JWS600-28 RTW05-60RL VS50B-5
EMHP 150-600 HSB-24-1.2 JWS600-3 RTW12-12R VS50P-24
EMHP 20-1000 HSB-28-1.0 JWS600-48 RTW12-25RL VS75B-12
EMHP 20-1250 HSB-5-3-OVP JWS600-5 RTW12-4R3 VS75B-15
EMHP 20-1500 HSC-12-3.4 JWS600-6 RTW12-8R4 VS75B-24
EMHP 20-2500 HSC-15-3 JWS600-8 RTW15-10R VS75B-3
EMHP 20-750 HSC-24-2.4 JWS600-9 RTW15-20RL VS75B-5
EMHP 30-1250 HSC-28-2.0 JWS70P-24 RTW15-3R5 VS75C-36
EMHP 30-1800 HSC-5-6-OVP JWS75-12/A RTW15-6R7 VS75C-48
EMHP 30-3000 HSD-24-4.8 JWS75-15/A RTW24-13RL VS75P-24
EMHP 30-600 HSD-28-4.0 JWS75-24/A RTW24-2R2 ZPD40-512
EMHP 30-800 HSD-5-12-OVP JWS75-3/A RTW24-4R2 ZPD40-524
EMHP 30-950 HSN-12-5.1 JWS75-48/A RTW24-6R3 ZPS40-12
EMHP 300-100 HSN-15-4.5 JWS75-5/A RTW28-11RL ZPS40-15
EMHP 300-200 HSN-24-3.6 JWT-100-522/A RTW28-1R8 ZPS40-24
EMHP 300-300 HSN-28-3.0 JWT-100-525/A RTW28-3R6 ZPS40-3
EMHP 300-60 HSN-5-9-OVP JWT-100-5FF/A RTW28-5R4 ZPS40-30
EMHP 40-1000 HTC1 JWT-75-522/A RTW48-1R1 ZPS40-36
EMHP 40-1500 HTD1 JWT-75-525/A RTW48-2R1 ZPS40-48
EMHP 40-450 HWS JWT-75-5FF/A RTW48-3R2 ZPS40-5
EMHP 40-500 HWS100-12/A KPS10-12 RTW48-6R5L ZPS40-9
EMHP 40-600 HWS100-12/HD KPS10-15 SC150U03 ZPS60-12
EMHP 40-750 HWS100-12/ME KPS10-24 SC150U03051212 ZPS60-15
EMHP 60-1000 HWS100-15/A KPS10-3 SC150U05 ZPS60-24
EMHP 60-1500 HWS100-15/HD KPS10-5 SC150U0512 ZPS60-3
EMHP 60-300 HWS100-15/ME KPS15-12 SC150U051212R ZPS60-30
EMHP 60-330 HWS100-24/A KPS15-15 SC150U051212R24 ZPS60-36
EMHP 60-500 HWS100-24/HD KPS15-24 SC150U051212R5T ZPS60-48
EMHP 60-750 HWS100-24/ME KPS15-3 SC150U051515R05 ZPS60-5
EMHP 600-100 HWS100-3/A KPS15-5 SC150U24 ZPS60-9
EMHP 600-30 HWS100-3/HD KPS5-12 SC150U48 ZPT40-3512N
EMHP 600-50 HWS100-48/A KPS5-15 SCD120P0524 ZPT40-51212N
EMHP 80-1125 HWS100-48/HD KPS5-24 SCD401212 ZPT40-5125N
EMHP 80-250 HWS100-48/ME KPS5-3 SCD401515 ZPT40-51515N
EMHP 80-375 HWS100-5/A KPS5-5 SCD601212 ZPT40-52412N
EMHP 80-600 HWS100-5/HD LCD-4-11 OVP SCD601515 ZPT40-52412P
EMHP 80-750 HWS100-5/ME LCD-4-152 OVP SCQ120P03051212 ZPT40-5245N
EMS 10-200 HWS15 LCS-B-150 SCQ120P05121205 ZUP10-20/U
EMS 10-250 HWS15-12/A LCS-B-5-OV SCQ120P05241212R ZUP10-40/U
EMS 10-500 HWS15-15/A LCS-CC-5-OV SCQ120P05241515R ZUP10-80/U
EMS 100-20 HWS15-24/A LCS-D-48 SCS120P03 ZUP120-1.8/U
EMS 100-25 HWS15-3/A LCS-E-5-OV SCS120P05 ZUP120-3.6/U
EMS 100-50 HWS15-48/A LDS-P-15 SCS120P12 ZUP20-10/U
EMS 150-13 HWS15-5/A LDS-P-48 SCS120P15 ZUP20-20/U
EMS 150-16 HWS150 LDS-W-5-OV SCS120P24 ZUP20-40/U
EMS 150-33 HWS150-12/A LDS-X-28 SCS120P48 ZUP36-12/U
EMS 20-100 HWS150-12/HD LDS-X-48 SCS120PW12 ZUP36-24/U
EMS 20-125 HWS150-12/ME LDS-X-5-OV SCS120PW15 ZUP36-6/U
EMS 20-250 HWS150-15/A LGS-EEA-24-OV-R SCS120PW18 ZUP6-132/U
EMS 30-165 HWS150-15/HD LM-201 SCS120PW19 ZUP6-33/U
EMS 30-65 HWS150-15/ME LM-202 SCS120PW24 ZUP6-66/U
EMS 30-80 HWS150-24/A LM-204 SCS4012 ZUP60-14/U
EMS 300-16 HWS150-24/HD LM-220 SCS4015 ZUP60-3.5/U
EMS 300-6 HWS150-24/ME LM-229 SCS4024 ZUP60-7/U
EMS 300-8 HWS150-3/A LM-234 SCS4028 ZUP80-2.5/U
EMS 40-125 HWS150-3/HD LM-235 SCS403 ZUP80-5/U
EMS 40-50 HWS150-48/A LM-251 SCS4048 ZWD100PAF-0524
EMS 40-60 HWS150-48/HD LM-252 SCS405 ZWD150PAF-0524
EMS 60-33 HWS150-48/ME LM-602-FM SCS6012 ZWD225PAF-0524
EMS 60-40 HWS150-5/A LM-602A-FM SCS6015 ZWQ130-5222
EMS 60-80 HWS150-5/HD LM-B24 SCS6024 ZWQ130-5223
EMS 600-3.3 HWS150-5/ME LM-C-28YR-2500-2 SCS6028 ZWQ130-5224
EMS 600-4 HWS1500-12 LM-C5 SCS603 ZWQ130-5225
EMS 600-8 HWS1500-12/HD LM-C6 SCS6048 ZWQ80-5222
EMS 7.5-250 HWS1500-15 LM-CC-48 SCS605 ZWQ80-5223
EMS 7.5-300 HWS1500-15/HD LM-CC4P5 SCT120P030512 ZWQ80-5224
EMS 7.5-600 HWS1500-24 LM-CC5 SCT401 ZWQ80-5225
EMS 80-25 HWS1500-24/HD LM-CC8 SCT42 ZWS10-12
EMS 80-30 HWS1500-24/ME LM-D-48 SCT43 ZWS10-15
EMS 80-60 HWS1500-36 LM-D150-2411 SCT44 ZWS10-24
ESS 10-1000 HWS1500-36/HD LM-D24 SCT45 ZWS10-3
ESS 100-100 HWS1500-36/ME LM-D24-R SCT46 ZWS10-5
ESS 12.5-800 HWS1500-48 LM-E-20 SCT47 ZWS100PF-12
ESS 125-80 HWS1500-48/HD LM-EE07 SCT48 ZWS100PF-15
ESS 160-62 HWS1500-48/ME LND-X-152 SCT601 ZWS100PF-24
ESS 20-500 HWS30-12/A LNS-P-48 SCT62 ZWS100PF-3
ESS 200-50 HWS30-12/ME LNS-W-5-OV SCT63 ZWS100PF-36
ESS 220-46 HWS30-15/A LNS-X-24 SCT64 ZWS100PF-48
ESS 25-400 HWS30-15/ME LNS-X-5-OV SCT65 ZWS100PF-5
ESS 30-330 HWS30-24/A LNS-Y-24 SCT66 ZWS120PPF-24
ESS 300-33 HWS30-24/ME LNS-Y-6 SCT67 ZWS120PPF-36
ESS 33-300 HWS30-3/A LNS-Z-15 SCT68 ZWS15-12
ESS 40-250 HWS30-48/A LNS-Z-20 SE-1000-3 ZWS15-15
ESS 400-25 HWS30-48/ME LOS-Y-24 SE-1500-3 ZWS15-24
ESS 50-200 HWS30-5/A LOS-Y-28 SE-250-3 ZWS15-3
ESS 500-20 HWS30-5/ME LOS-Z-28 SE-500-3 ZWS15-5
ESS 60-165 HWS300-12 LOS-Z-5 SE-750-3 ZWS150PAF24
ESS 600-16 HWS300-12/HD LRS-52M-12 Sirius 250 ZWS150PAF36
ESS 7.5-1000 HWS300-12/ME LRS-52M-5 Sirius 350 ZWS150PAF48
ESS 80-125 HWS300-15 LRS-53M-5 SWS100 ZWS150PF-12
FPS100024 HWS300-15/HD LV-EE-5-A-OV SWS100-12 ZWS150PF-15
FPS100024/P HWS300-15/ME LWD-15-0512 SWS100-24 ZWS150PF-24
FPS100048 HWS300-24 LWD-15-0524 SWS100-5 ZWS150PF-3
FPS100048/P HWS300-24/HD LWD-15-1212 SWS150 ZWS150PF-36
FPSS1U HWS300-24/ME LWD-15-1224 SWS150-12 ZWS150PF-48
FPSS1U/P HWS300-3 LWD-15-1515 SWS150-24 ZWS150PF-5
GEN 10-1000 HWS300-3/HD LWD-30-0512 SWS150-5 ZWS240PAF24
GEN 10-330 HWS300-48 LWD-30-0524 SWS50 ZWS240PAF36
GEN 100-100 HWS300-48/HD LWD-30-1212 SWS50-12 ZWS240PAF48
GEN 100-15 HWS300-48/ME LWD-30-1224 SWS50-24 ZWS30-12
GEN 100-150 HWS300-5 LWD-30-1515 SWS50-5 ZWS30-15
GEN 100-33 HWS300-5/HD LWD-50-0512 SWS75 ZWS30-24
GEN 100-7.5 HWS50-12/A LWD-50-0524 SWS75-12 ZWS30-3
GEN 12.5-120 HWS50-12/HD LWD-50-1212 SWS75-24 ZWS30-36
GEN 12.5-60 HWS50-12/ME LWD-50-1224 SWS75-5 ZWS30-48
GEN 12.5-800 HWS50-15/A LWD-50-1515 TH120012 ZWS30-5
GEN 125-120 HWS50-15/HD LWT-15H-522 TH120024 ZWS5-12
GEN 125-80 HWS50-15/ME LWT-15H-525 TH120048 ZWS5-15
GEN 15-220 HWS50-24/A LWT-15H-5FF TH200048 ZWS5-24
GEN 150-10 HWS50-24/HD LWT-30H-522 THR4 ZWS5-3
GEN 150-100 HWS50-24/ME LWT-30H-525 THR4NIC ZWS5-5
GEN 150-22 HWS50-3/A LWT-30H-5FF THRBP ZWS50-12
GEN 150-5 HWS50-3/HD LWT-50H-522 TL100024 ZWS50-15
GEN 150-66 HWS50-48/A LWT-50H-525 TL100048 ZWS50-24
GEN 20-165 HWS50-48/HD LWT-50H-5FF TL150024 ZWS50-3
GEN 20-38 HWS50-48/ME LXD-B-152-R TL150048 ZWS50-36
GEN 20-500 HWS50-5/A LXD-C-062-R TL200048 ZWS50-48
GEN 20-76 HWS50-5/HD LXD-C-152-R TL200080 ZWS50-5
GEN 200-50 HWS50-5/ME LXS-A-5-OV TL250048 ZWS75PF-12
GEN 200-75 HWS600-12 LXS-C-15 TL50012 ZWS75PF-15
GEN 25-400 HWS600-12/HD LXS-D-28-R TL50024 ZWS75PF-24
GEN 250-40 HWS600-15 LXT-D-5152 TL50048 ZWS75PF-3
GEN 250-60 HWS600-15/HD LYS-W-12 TL75012 ZWS75PF-36
GEN 30-110 HWS600-24 LZS-1000-1 TLCK ZWS75PF-48
GEN 30-25 HWS600-24/HD LZS-1000-2 TLHB19 ZWS75PF-5
GEN 30-333 HWS600-24/ME LZS-1000-3 TLR5  
GEN 30-50 HWS600-3 LZS-1500-1 TLRBP  
GEN 300-11 HWS600-3/HD LZS-1500-2 TLRC01  

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