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Repair Catalog

Browse our Repair Catalog for reference pricing on over 26,798 industrial electronic items. The cost to repair an item can have a significant range. We base your repair price on what is damaged on your item and how much work it will take to make the repairs needed - no "Flat Fees".

There is no charge for us to evaluate your item and provide a quote for repair. Click the following link to reach the repair form needed to send your damaged item for a free evaluation, ACS Repair Form. And, you can always call us with questions or to discuss your damaged items, 800-605-6419.

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Found 158 items.

Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
J&L 96043 n/a n/a $360.00
J&L a-15424 n/a n/a $366.00
J.I MNC-III-LC n/a Circuit Board call
J.Schneider Elek. Gmbh nbec g51g1 n/a n/a $720.00
jae A201521810171 n/a touch screen monitor call
Jagenberg CPU-50/18 n/a Circuit Board call
Jagenburg a-18 sin-st-c n/a n/a $360.00
Jaguar Car Unknown n/a Touch Screen call
Jakob D-8751 n/a Encoder call
Jakob IHB 100 D-63839 IHE 100 Encoder call
Jameco fcs604a n/a n/a $250.00
James Bond Electric Co. 036-0172 n/a n/a $830.00
James Electronics Inc 7071 n/a n/a $250.00
James Instruments Inc. C-4956 n/a R-meter call
Jamesway HAT DP 100 n/a Circuit Board call
Jamesway micro pt-100 n/a n/a $383.00
Jamesway pta100 micro pt-100 n/a $576.00
Jamesway pta109 n/a n/a $250.00
Jamesway pta116 n/a n/a $250.00
Jamesway pta235 n/a n/a $250.00
Jamesway pta235c n/a n/a $250.00
Jamesway pta238 n/a n/a $250.00
Jamesway pta248s hatcher n/a $576.00
Jamesway pta249s incubator n/a $576.00
Jamesway pta257 n/a n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Jamesway pta360b n/a n/a $250.00
Janich & Klass 8-2137200000000 n/a n/a $780.00
Janich & Klass CPCI IMC n/a Circuit Board call
Janich & Klass Computertechnik ECB486VGA & -CPU n/a n/a call
Janser MK 2000 n/a Miniket 2000 Circuit Board call
Japan Aviation Electronics UP-AMD5-B n/a Touchscreen call
Japan Servo Co. db10dk-003 n/a n/a $1,620.00
Japax PT3194a n/a Japax Circuit Board call
Japax Unknown n/a Servo Drive call
japax/circuit board PT3194a A505 n/a n/a call
Jarvis 1063146 n/a n/a $390.00
Jarvis 7863146 n/a n/a $390.00
Jasper Electronics CS1401-973 n/a n/a call
Javelin Javelin LC n/a Touch Screen call
Jb Electronica jb-162-a n/a n/a $250.00
JB touch 905010 9.D n/a Touch Screen call
JCI NU-NCM201-0 n/a Power Supply call
JCI NU-PWR-101-0 n/a Power Supply call
Jdk Controls 6911-2054 rockwell p n d50201 n/a $318.00
JDR Microdevices n/a Circuit Board call
JDS FL10-3911-005 n/a Power Supply call
JDS Uniphase 1208-2 n/a n/a call
jeantech JNP-400P n/a Power Supply call
Jelrus 33417 n/a n/a $369.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Jenco 3671 n/a n/a $250.00
Jenco 3671n n/a n/a $250.00
Jensen 4238000 n/a Circuit Board call
Jensen 42420 n/a n/a $501.00
Jensen 42430 n/a n/a $423.00
Jensen 51-1116-51 ct1116 n/a $600.00
Jensen 51.1003.53 n/a Optical Serial Port call
Jensen 51.1031.51 n/a Power Supply call
Jensen 51.1081.51 CT1081 Controller call
Jensen 51.3168.51 n/a Output module call
Jensen 51.3407.01 n/a Rack Unit call
Jensen 51.3507.52 n/a PROCESSOR call
Jensen CT 3168 n/a ac output card call
Jensen ct 3168 n/a output module call
Jensen CT-3507 n/a processor call
Jensen MK II n/a Analog Servo Cotrol Module call
Jenson CT 1031 51.131.51 n/a Control Module call
Jenson CT 1107 n/a Control Module call
Jenson CT CT1081 n/a Control Panel call
Jet 45096001 n/a n/a $480.00
Jet unknown n/a n/a $250.00
Jeta 175-00011 rev A n/a Computer Power supply call
JETA 714-00018-01 n/a Power Supply call
JETA A801-2AE n/a Power Supply call
Jeta Power Systems L2001-5EJP n/a n/a call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
jetter BT-15-CFL n/a control panel call
Jetter cpu plus n/a n/a $683.00
Jetter D203-JC24X-S1 n/a Servo Drive call
Jetter d607 n/a n/a $380.00
Jetter DIMA 2-10 n/a Drive Card call
Jetter dima-es-16 n/a n/a $1,059.00
Jetter dima2 n/a n/a $683.00
Jetter dima3-es-16 n/a SERVO $1,059.00
Jetter dima3l n/a n/a $420.00
Jetter JL2-0040-26-3RVMB n/a Servo Motor call
Jetter JL2-0040-26-3RVMS-A n/a Servo Motor call
Jetter JM-203-230-HI n/a Servo Drive call
Jetter JM-203-230-RS n/a Servo Drive call
Jetter JM-203-230-RS-OEM n/a Servo Drive call
Jetter JM-206B-230 n/a Servo Drive call
Jetter JM-620-480-SB1 n/a Servo Drive call
Jetter JM-D203-JC243-S1 n/a Servo Drive call
Jetter JX-SIO n/a Buss Node Module call
Jetter sv3 n/a n/a $486.00
Jetter JetMove JM-D203-JC243-S1 n/a Servo Drive call
Jetway 2910040 p 020-240-a5-003 n/a $759.00
Jinemn 1070f n/a n/a $780.00
Jinyoung Contech Co. LTD VS800D-V n/a Monitor call
Jk Lasers Ltd c0777 n/a n/a $648.00
JLG 1600411 n/a Circuit Board call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
JLG 17400700 08137P n/a Curtis call
JLG MC-1 1862 n/a Curtis call
JMG Systems JMG111 n/a Receiver call
Jmr Electronics pc-a32-74-063kr n/a n/a $624.00
Jmr Electronics pc-a33-78-053r n/a n/a $552.00
John Bean unknown n/a Circuit Board call
John Brown ACE 1093 n/a n/a call
John Brown ACE 1193 n/a n/a call
John Deere 86528256 V9 n/a Instrument Panel call
John Deere 9138117 n/a Control Board call
John Deere AT106474 n/a Control call
John Deere at142448 860C doozer call
John Deere Computer Trak 250 n/a seed counting/ground speed mobile computer unit call
John Deere Computer-trak 250 n/a Operator Interface call
John Deere RE50984 n/a Circuit Board call
johns control unknown n/a controlador fx 03 call
Johnson Control MS-NAE3514-2 n/a Control call
Johnson Control NU-NCM350-8 n/a Network Controller call
Johnson Control TEC-1103 n/a Non-Progammable Thermostat call
Johnson Controls 24-2357-0 n/a n/a $480.00
Johnson Controls 24-2668-3 n/a n/a $360.00
Johnson Controls 24-3604-0 n/a n/a $780.00
Johnson Controls 24-4536-18 n/a n/a $360.00
Johnson Controls 27-2980-5 n/a n/a $480.00
Johnson controls GQ-4100-7 n/a Circuit Board call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Johnson Controls NU-NCM350 n/a Network Controller call
Johnson Controls nu-pwr-101-0 n/a Power Supply call
Johnson Controls nu-pwr-101-0 n/a n/a $250.00
Johnson Controls p-8000-2 p-8000 n/a $648.00
Johnson Controls RPA-105 n/a n/a call
Johnson Punch-Line 8254-103 n/a Servo Motor call
Johnson Yokogawa 4156 n/a n/a $912.00
Johnson Yokogawa micro 100 n/a n/a $1,080.00
Johnson's Controls LP-FX05P11 n/a Temp Controller call
JohnsonControl DQ-4501-9 n/a SCR Controller call
Joliet Equipment m1558a n/a n/a $576.00
Jordan Controls AD-7530 n/a Drive call
Jordan Controls TA-1200-6-N n/a Motor call
Jorns CNC 400 n/a CNC call
Jorns CNC400 n/a CNC call
Joule Power Inc. JLC-451-1695 n/a Power Supply call
JOVYATLAS 1000-7-110V n/a Power Supply call
JSI JSI-320405-B n/a Circuit Board call
JT Electronics ISP5-M1-1625-267 n/a Power Supply call
Juke Systemtechnik M12-000453-02 n/a Circuit Board call
Juki plate n/a Sewing Machine call
Jumo hrow-48 n/a n/a $250.00
Jumo krow-48ro14 n/a n/a $360.00
Jumo mpf-88 n/a n/a $2,220.00
Jumo nm420w-100-50 temperature sensor TEMP CONTROLLER $570.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Jumo srm-48h n/a n/a $420.00
Jumo temp guage n/a n/a $250.00
JUMO unknown n/a thermostat temp. controller call
Juniper T320 n/a n/a call
JVC DT-V1910CGU n/a Monitor call
jvc KTF215R02 n/a Monitor call
JVL MAC140-A1AAAF n/a AC Brushless Motor call
jvl mac800-d2 n/a n/a call

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