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Repair Catalog

Browse our Repair Catalog for reference pricing on over 26,798 industrial electronic items. The cost to repair an item can have a significant range. We base your repair price on what is damaged on your item and how much work it will take to make the repairs needed - no "Flat Fees".

There is no charge for us to evaluate your item and provide a quote for repair. Click the following link to reach the repair form needed to send your damaged item for a free evaluation, ACS Repair Form. And, you can always call us with questions or to discuss your damaged items, 800-605-6419.

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Found 1007 items.

Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
R-TEC 9819400 rev-c n/a Circuit Board call
R.H. Wager Co 122-0060 n/a n/a $360.00
Racal 1992-02M n/a Counter call
Racal CP290 n/a Power Supply call
Racal CP290-01 n/a Power Supply call
Racal CP290-01 Rev AJ n/a Power Supply call
Racal-Dana 401997-001 n/a Control/Relay Card call
Racal-Dana 401998 1277-2 Control/Relay Card call
Racal-Dana 401999 n/a Control/Relay Card call
Racal-Dana 405000 n/a Control/Relay Card call
Racedata i100 n/a Engine Data Recorder call
RACON 10053-203-01 Rev. C n/a Receiver board from Microwave Intrusion Detection call
RAD DXC-100PS/48 n/a Power Supply call
Radiant 52206824 n/a Circuit Board call
Radiant p1210 n/a Radiant point-of-sale unit call
Radionics Inc. 8112I/O n/a Circuit Board call
RADISYS EPC-16 n/a n/a call
Radisys Corp. 61-0388-63 n/a Circuit Board call
Radius PressView 21 n/a Monitor call
Rae 6Volt n/a Akrolight call
RAE unknown n/a siren call
RAE Corporation 8-6832 n/a Circuit Board call
RAFI lage 2 5.40 551.945-003 n/a Circuit Board call
Rafi Lage 5.40 551.945-003 n/a circuit board call
Rafi Lage 5.40 551.945-003 n/a Circuit Board call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Rafi Lage 5.40552.718-001 n/a circuit board call
Rafi Lage HDM 91.146.9222/01 M28149239 n/a call
Rafi Lage M28149239 n/a 950 call
Railguard series 8010 n/a n/a $686.00
Ralspeed Torqmaster 2000 n/a Circuit Board call
RAM Industries RAM-400339 n/a Drive call
Ram Industries Inc 400304-400314 dbs n/a $570.00
Ramsey 20-72c n/a n/a $639.00
Ramsey AC8000 n/a Circuit Board call
Ramsey b06585b-0012e model 30-40 exciter n/a $330.00
Ramsey b6265b-72e model 10-42 n/a $330.00
Ramsey b6585b-2b detector n/a $300.00
Ramsey c07033a-b021 n/a n/a $250.00
Ramsey D000-022108-01 n/a Power Supply Board call
Ramsey d042489-502 n/a n/a $492.00
Ramsey Technologies 000-022055-01 n/a n/a $648.00
Ramsey Technologies 606717-02 n/a n/a $1,367.00
Ramsey Technologies d000-020347-01 n/a n/a $384.00
Ramsey Technologies d000-022055-01 n/a n/a $588.00
Ramsey Technologies d07110a-e011 ac8000 n/a $2,088.00
Ramsey Technologies d07110a-e101 ac8000 n/a $1,902.00
Ramsey Technologies d07122c-e021 n/a n/a $456.00
Ramsey Technologies d07226k-e001 ac4000 MISC-PCB $360.00
Ramsey Technologies d07226k-e011 n/a n/a $600.00
Ramsey Technologies d07226k-e031 n/a MISC-PCB $420.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Ramsey Technologies d0722k-e011-01 ac4000 I/O PCB $600.00
Ramsey Technologies d07710a-e031 ac8000 n/a $480.00
Ramtech 513521-01 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Ranco 7221028 n/a n/a $250.00
Ranco 7221048-000 n/a Circuit Board Assembly call
Randtronics 3281-480 n/a n/a $720.00
Randtronics 3388-2f n/a n/a $250.00
Randtronics 3432-2 n/a n/a $720.00
Randtronics 4496-1 n/a n/a $250.00
Ranger 90090 n/a n/a $360.00
Ransberg-Gema 82012273 n/a n/a $250.00
Ransburg 75118-01 n/a Analog card call
Rapid Air 69100083 n/a n/a $360.00
Rapid Air a3-290600 n/a n/a $384.00
Rapid Electric pc52 n/a n/a $250.00
Rapid Electric pc94 n/a n/a $360.00
Rapid Power Technologies a8-447 d21810 n/a $480.00
Rapid Power Technologies D05648/397178 n/a Power Supply call
Rapier Drives Ltd. 510-075-4-0-180-00-500 n/a Drive call
Rapier Drives Ltd. A8292E-1-2-90 n/a Drive call
Rapistan df00675649 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Rapistan f0025-00001b n/a n/a $600.00
Rapistan f0028-00001b n/a n/a $600.00
Rapistan f002800001b n/a n/a $600.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Rapistan f002800015a n/a n/a $600.00
Rapistan f002b-00001b n/a n/a $600.00
Rapistan f003400010f n/a n/a $360.00
Rapistan Demag df00675649 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Raptor unknown n/a 600 amp DC motor controller. call
Raster Graphics Inc. RG750-06 n/a Circuit Board call
Ratelco 2046b n/a POWER SUPPLY $1,140.00
Ratheon ST60 Maxview n/a Display call
ratheon radar RL-70 n/a radar call
Rational 3040-3041 n/a VFD call
Rational 3040.3040P n/a Phase Inverter call
Rational VD02 n/a Circuit Board call
Rauland-Borg H4001VC7529 n/a Circuit Board call
Rauland-Borg Corp. fax60x power amp n/a $840.00
Rauland-Borg Corp. tax75cx n/a n/a $960.00
Rauland-Borg Corp. tc2114 n/a n/a $418.00
Raven 1 n/a Circuit Board call
Raven Industries 063-0172-200 n/a Circuit Board call
Raven Industries 630171071 n/a n/a $250.00
Raven Industries STC3M04-T n/a Circuit Board call
Raychem Corp 700-tt-r chemelex transmitter n/a $312.00
Raycon 30-730042 n/a n/a $678.00
Raycon 302224 n/a n/a $1,216.00
Raycon 302231 302224 302226 302228 assy n/a $1,622.00
Raycon 302247-302194 2 bd assy n/a $534.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Raymond 1 187 009 n/a n/a $393.00
Raymond 114-007-329-006 n/a n/a $294.00
Raymond 114-007-329-rev b n/a n/a $294.00
Raymond 136-001-540 n/a Circuit Board call
Raymond 136-010-706 n/a Circuit Board call
Raymond 136-010-742 n/a Circuit Board call
Raymond 154-005-027 n/a n/a $250.00
Raymond 154-008-931 n/a n/a $250.00
Raymond 154-008-932 n/a n/a $250.00
Raymond 154-008-932-001 n/a n/a $250.00
raymond 170-002-551 n/a Circuit Board call
Raymond 828-003-396 n/a n/a $250.00
Raymond 828-003-396-b n/a n/a $250.00
Raymond 828-003-396-d n/a n/a $250.00
Raymond 828-003-397-004 n/a n/a $694.00
Raymond 828-003-792-001 n/a n/a $250.00
Raymond 828-004-035 n/a n/a $250.00
Raymond 828-004-036 n/a n/a $250.00
Raymond 828-004-204 n/a n/a $420.00
Raymond 828-005-083 n/a n/a $630.00
Raymond 840-001-095 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Raymond 940-001-095 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Raymond 996-0267-21 SACSR30T LED screen for a Raymond Turret Truck call
RAYMOND CORPORATION 136-001-579 n/a Aisle stop card call
raypac 1134834041A n/a Circuit Board call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Raypak 601769 n/a Circuit Board call
Raypak 8260F 2100 Digital C-R 335 AL-EN ASME swimming pool heater circuit control board call
Raytek rayrhp3sfwc n/a n/a $654.00
Raytek rayst6lsu n/a n/a $250.00
Raytek thermalert gp n/a n/a $300.00
raytheon 11568945 n/a micro circuit linear call
raytheon 390gps n/a gps unit call
RAYTHEON 4042874-0501 n/a Power Supply call
Raytheon 538667-802 n/a n/a call
raytheon 601xx n/a marine chart plotter call
Raytheon 815596-802 n/a Signal Converter call
Raytheon 815596-803 n/a Signal converter call
Raytheon 901358-809 n/a radio set control call
Raytheon C14070173 R21XX Radar Unit Part from a Raytheon R21XX Radar Unit. call
Raytheon M88339 R40 Operator Panel/Monitor call
Raytheon NXU-2A n/a Network Extension Kit call
Raytheon Pathfinder SL 70 n/a Radar call
Raytheon R10/11XX n/a Marine Radar call
raytheon R40 n/a n/a call
Raytheon radar unknown n/a Power Supply call
Raythion unknown n/a Radar call
Raytron 336-7 n/a n/a $250.00
Raytron 336-8 n/a n/a $250.00
Raytron 78156 750m n/a n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Raytron 850-d n/a n/a $250.00
Raytron 850-dm n/a n/a $250.00
Raytron 850-m2 n/a n/a $270.00
Raytron 850M n/a DC Motor Control call
Rbb Systems gfd-6a n/a n/a $300.00
Rbf p101-05 n/a n/a $600.00
Rca 2468375 ao5 n/a n/a $426.00
Rca 2468379a03 cdp18s653 n/a $600.00
RCA CS1739 n/a Circuit Board call
Rdn display-control board rotocut n/a $1,440.00
Reacor cps300-3 n/a n/a $390.00
Real Time Devices ad110-ada110 n/a n/a $480.00
Real Time Devices cmi 386-486 n/a n/a $1,431.00
REALBY 24BYJ48 n/a 24BYJ48 12VDC China call
RealLand HSP75B-06-5.5-F n/a Motor call
Reasonant Power Technology 5060-1150-01 n/a n/a call
Rebalance 45817-1 n/a n/a $360.00
Rectifier 1twf0500h5401 n/a n/a call
RECTODYNE R-400 n/a Power Supply call
RED n/a Circuit Board call
Red Jacket 341-001-5 n/a Circuit Board call
Red Lion 20102 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion 4601200 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion 5163040 series 600 n/a $324.00
Red Lion 5166350 n/a n/a $336.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Red Lion adi4t11a n/a n/a $462.00
Red Lion aplcl401 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion aplr0600 n/a n/a $417.00
Red Lion aplri600 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion aplt0600 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion aplvd400 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion arcj1bzo n/a n/a $372.00
Red Lion gem1 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion gem10000 n/a TEMP CONTROLLER $250.00
Red Lion gem10001 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion gem10060 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion gem2000 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion gem20000 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion gem20100 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion gem33 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion gem33000 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion gem42000 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion gem42131 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imd13103 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imd23163 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imh40-000 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imh43006 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imi04160 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imp20102 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imp20162 n/a n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Red Lion imr02103 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion ims03106 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imt n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imt00002 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion imt00062 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion ldd00400 n/a n/a $514.00
Red Lion LGB n/a Control call
Red Lion lgb00000 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion lgm00001 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion libc1000 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion libc1e00 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion libc1e10 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion libc2e00 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion libt1e00 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion ltbc-1e-00 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion ma1574c n/a n/a $276.00
Red Lion oemib006 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion scd n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion scd00600 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion scd00601 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion scp00400 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion sct00600 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion tcu00002 n/a n/a $250.00
Red Lion Controls IMS03166 n/a Control call
Redifon Ltd. PC 1026/2 Rev D n/a Circuit Board call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Redifon Ltd. PC 1027/1 n/a Circuit Board call
Redifon Ltd. PC 1027/1 REV D n/a Circuit board call
Redifon Ltd. pc 827-2 n/a n/a $810.00
Redifon Ltd. ss 825-1 a825 486 1 n/a $900.00
Reece Electronics 787-1289 n/a n/a $911.00
Reed Chatwood ted-1 n/a n/a $366.00
Reer ASE 718 n/a Light Curtain call
Reflex ECFX4 n/a Monitor call
Reflex Int. ECFX4 n/a Touch screen 14 in call
Reflex International ECFX4 BD32 touch screen monitor Bostomatic call
REFU BA 7834 n/a Wiring Unit call
REFU SR 6050 n/a Circuit Board call
REFU SV 6008 n/a Power Supply call
Refu Elektronik 402/80-1AA10 n/a AC Drive call
REFU Elektronik BA 7834 n/a Circuit Board call
REFU Elektronik SR 6050 n/a Circuit Board call
REFU Elektronik SR1100011SP09 n/a Circuit Board call
Refu Elektronik SV6008 n/a Circuit Board call
Regatron FVRG7S-4EX n/a digital monitor call
Regatron TC.P.20.500.480.PV.HMI n/a Programmable DC Power Supply call
Regeletron 010.02.0018 n/a Synchronous Control call
Reglomat rt 21k-11-r rt 21 n/a $287.00
REIS 2140350-99 n/a TEACH PENDANT call
Reis 559286 teach pendant n/a $1,200.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reis 7202 103 4143 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Reis 7500 328 402 n/a n/a $1,440.00
Reiter 0920-2875 n/a n/a $250.00
Reliance 0-48673 n/a n/a $1,086.00
Reliance 0-48675 n/a n/a $366.00
Reliance 0-48680-103 md-b3005d gpi-1 n/a $630.00
Reliance 0-48680-116 md-b3005m gpi-2 n/a $630.00
Reliance 0-48680-209 md-b3007h n/a $480.00
Reliance 0-48680-211 n/a n/a $474.00
Reliance 0-48680-312 md-b3006c n/a $250.00
Reliance 0-49002-2 cardpak n/a $330.00
Reliance 0-49005-5 n/a n/a $642.00
Reliance 0-49009-13 n/a n/a $642.00
Reliance 0-49021a n/a n/a $852.00
Reliance 0-49029-2 n/a MISC $894.00
Reliance 0-51377-18 n/a n/a $486.00
Reliance 0-51381-16 n/a n/a $714.00
Reliance 0-51445-a n/a n/a $684.00
Reliance 0-51811-1 n/a n/a $488.00
Reliance 0-51811-5 n/a n/a $594.00
Reliance 0-51811-7 tsth n/a $798.00
Reliance 0-51829-1 n/a n/a $462.00
Reliance 0-51829-2 n/a n/a $468.00
Reliance 0-51831-6 cvtg board n/a $768.00
Reliance 0-51839-1 n/a n/a $702.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 0-51839-13 n/a n/a $504.00
Reliance 0-51839-2 n/a n/a $552.00
Reliance 0-51839-4 n/a n/a $444.00
Reliance 0-51845 prsa n/a $600.00
Reliance 0-51845-1 prsb board n/a $876.00
Reliance 0-51847-3 vldd board n/a $1,062.00
Reliance 0-51851 n/a n/a $972.00
Reliance 0-51851-5 n/a n/a $714.00
Reliance 0-51851-6 n/a n/a $972.00
Reliance 0-51862-1 usab board n/a $732.00
Reliance 0-51865 has 4 bds with assembly n/a $1,320.00
Reliance 0-51865-14 n/a n/a $708.00
Reliance 0-51865-9 n/a n/a $708.00
Reliance 0-51874 n/a n/a $696.00
Reliance 0-51874-2 n/a SSCC board call
Reliance 0-51879-5 n/a n/a $708.00
Reliance 0-51884 n/a n/a $876.00
Reliance 0-51890-5 n/a n/a $438.00
Reliance 0-51890-6 n/a n/a $558.00
Reliance 0-51893-1 fccb n/a $1,562.00
Reliance 0-51893-2 n/a n/a $1,770.00
Reliance 0-51893-7 n/a n/a $1,584.00
Reliance 0-52806-1 tlob n/a $653.00
Reliance 0-52808-2 n/a n/a $642.00
Reliance 0-52838 n/a n/a $642.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 0-52840 n/a n/a $402.00
Reliance 0-52853-1 n/a n/a $660.00
Reliance 0-52860-2 n/a n/a $732.00
Reliance 0-52874-1 n/a n/a $432.00
Reliance 0-52876-1 n/a n/a $594.00
Reliance 0-54200 n/a n/a $708.00
Reliance 0-54215 n/a n/a $630.00
Reliance 0-54306 n/a n/a $486.00
Reliance 0-54341-1 n/a n/a $258.00
Reliance 0-54349 n/a n/a $264.00
Reliance 0-54363-0-52711-8 2 bd assy n/a $1,200.00
Reliance 0-54392-1 n/a n/a $528.00
Reliance 0-55325-8 n/a n/a $261.00
Reliance 0-55325-9 n/a n/a $374.00
Reliance 0-55329-20c n/a n/a $840.00
Reliance 0-55333 n/a n/a $1,002.00
Reliance 0-56301 n/a n/a $702.00
Reliance 0-56303 n/a n/a $600.00
Reliance 0-56303-3 n/a n/a $600.00
Reliance 0-56304-1 n/a n/a $336.00
Reliance 0-56304-3 n/a n/a $336.00
Reliance 0-56950-20c n/a n/a $600.00
Reliance 0-57100 n/a n/a $250.00
Reliance 0-57100-j n/a n/a $288.00
Reliance 0-57140 n/a n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 0-57160 n/a n/a $408.00
Reliance 0-57170 n/a n/a $408.00
Reliance 0-57170-2 n/a n/a $576.00
Reliance 0-57210 n/a n/a $258.00
Reliance 0-57210-0 n/a n/a $250.00
Reliance 0-57210-20 e n/a n/a $258.00
Reliance 0-57210-20 f n/a n/a $258.00
Reliance 0-57210-23 n/a n/a $258.00
Reliance 0-57210-30 g n/a n/a $250.00
Reliance 0-58770-310ba n/a n/a $1,206.00
Reliance 0-60015-3 n/a n/a $300.00
Reliance 051874-2 n/a n/a $858.00
Reliance 100v4051 gv3000 n/a $6,683.00
Reliance 100v4060 gv3000 n/a $4,800.00
Reliance 10v4160 gv3000 se n/a $987.00
Reliance 10v4260 gv3000 se n/a $1,542.00
Reliance 11c439s flexpak n/a $978.00
Reliance 11u21002 n/a n/a $360.00
RELIANCE 1326AB-B530-21-Z06 n/a Servo Motor call
Reliance 14c10 minpak plus n/a $342.00
Reliance 14c102 flexpak plus n/a $486.00
Reliance 14c1031u flexpak plus n/a $498.00
Reliance 14c108 flexpak plus n/a $894.00
Reliance 14c11 minipak plus n/a $402.00
Reliance 14c12 minpak plus n/a $426.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 14c13 n/a n/a $662.00
Reliance 14c22 minpak plus n/a $456.00
Reliance 14c23 n/a n/a $624.00
Reliance 14c303 flexpak plus n/a $1,734.00
Reliance 14c303u n/a n/a $1,758.00
Reliance 14c305 flexpak plus n/a $2,268.00
Reliance 14c32 minpak plus DC DRIVE $744.00
Reliance 14c32u minpak plus n/a $918.00
Reliance 14c33 minpak plus n/a $816.00
Reliance 14c43 n/a n/a $840.00
Reliance 14c43u-mod n/a n/a $1,080.00
Reliance 14c51u flexpak plus n/a $378.00
Reliance 14c57 n/a n/a $366.00
Reliance 14c58 flex pak plus n/a $690.00
Reliance 14c67 n/a n/a $810.00
Reliance 14c86 n/a n/a $540.00
Reliance 150fr4031 n/a n/a $3,600.00
Reliance 15644001 sp 500 n/a $576.00
Reliance 18c205 n/a n/a $1,128.00
Reliance 1ac2001u n/a n/a $516.00
Reliance 1ac2003u n/a n/a $588.00
Reliance 1ac2101g n/a n/a $498.00
Reliance 1ac2101u n/a n/a $498.00
Reliance 1ac4007u gp-1200 n/a $1,782.00
Reliance 1ac4107u gp-1200 n/a $1,314.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 1mi4000 interface card n/a $250.00
Reliance 1su21001 sp 500 n/a $327.00
Reliance 1su21002 sp 500 n/a $360.00
Reliance 1su21003 sp 500 n/a $528.00
Reliance 1su21005 sp 500 n/a $600.00
Reliance 1su24001 sp 500 n/a $366.00
Reliance 1su24002 sp 500 n/a $510.00
Reliance 1su24003 sp500 n/a $612.00
Reliance 1su24005 n/a n/a $732.00
Reliance 1su41001 sp 500 n/a $462.00
Reliance 1su41002 n/a n/a $486.00
Reliance 1su41005 n/a n/a $690.00
Reliance 1su41007 n/a n/a $822.00
Reliance 1su41010 sp 500 n/a $978.00
Reliance 1su44001 sp 500 n/a $522.00
Reliance 1su44002 sp 500 n/a $594.00
Reliance 1su44003 sp 500 n/a $678.00
Reliance 1su44005 sp 500 n/a $840.00
Reliance 1su44007 sp 500 n/a $1,080.00
Reliance 1su44010 sp 500 n/a $1,188.00
Reliance 1su4402 n/a n/a $594.00
Reliance 1su54005 sp 500 n/a $990.00
Reliance 20fr4032 flexpak 3000 n/a $2,034.00
Reliance 20v4160 gv3000se n/a $2,232.00
Reliance 24c5 1hn4305 n/a $960.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 25g4160 gv3000 se n/a $1,746.00
Reliance 25v4260 gv3000 se n/a $3,876.00
Reliance 29225-tsr n/a n/a $5,520.00
Reliance 2gn24001 n/a n/a $582.00
Reliance 2gu21001 n/a n/a $1,029.00
Reliance 2gu21002 n/a n/a $582.00
Reliance 2gu21003 gp-2000 n/a $792.00
Reliance 2gu21005 gp-2000 n/a $792.00
Reliance 2gu21007 n/a n/a $1,254.00
Reliance 2gu41001 n/a n/a $870.00
Reliance 2gu41002 n/a n/a $900.00
Reliance 2gu41003 gp-2000 n/a $1,440.00
Reliance 2gu41005 gp-2000 n/a $1,260.00
Reliance 2gu41007 gp-2000 n/a $1,716.00
Reliance 2gu41010 gp-2000 n/a $1,920.00
Reliance 2gu41015 gp-2000 n/a $2,100.00
Reliance 2gu41020 n/a n/a $2,064.00
Reliance 2gu41030 gp-2000 n/a $2,736.00
Reliance 2gu42003 n/a n/a $984.00
Reliance 2sr41200 n/a n/a $1,188.00
Reliance 2st40027 snubber kit n/a $900.00
Reliance 2su series n/a n/a $1,260.00
Reliance 2v4140 n/a n/a $720.00
Reliance 30014-2 n/a n/a $1,865.00
Reliance 30fr4032 flexpak 3000 n/a $2,178.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 30v4150 n/a n/a $3,600.00
Reliance 30v4151 n/a n/a $3,600.00
Reliance 30v4160 gv3000 se n/a $3,840.00
Reliance 3eb1 n/a n/a $540.00
Reliance 3ra2004 hr2000 bla-16 n/a $1,886.00
Reliance 3ra2008 n/a n/a $3,600.00
Reliance 3ra2008u n/a n/a $3,600.00
Reliance 3ra2015u n/a n/a $7,156.00
Reliance 3v4451 n/a n/a $1,020.00
Reliance 3v4460 gv3000 se n/a $570.00
Reliance 40fn4021 n/a n/a $3,000.00
Reliance 40v4150 gv3000 se n/a $3,185.00
Reliance 40v4151 n/a n/a $3,185.00
Reliance 45c15 automate 15 n/a $402.00
Reliance 45c15a automate 15 n/a $402.00
Reliance 45c15c automate 15 n/a $414.00
Reliance 45c225 automate 20e n/a $2,631.00
Reliance 45c322 n/a n/a $540.00
Reliance 45c344 n/a n/a $1,152.00
Reliance 45c907 n/a n/a $1,110.00
Reliance 45c965 n/a n/a $738.00
Reliance 45c968 n/a n/a $300.00
Reliance 51831 3cvtd n/a n/a $474.00
Reliance 51862-1usa-b n/a n/a $666.00
Reliance 51865clda n/a n/a $570.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 52840-585a n/a n/a $402.00
Reliance 56304-3 n/a n/a $336.00
Reliance 56921-510aa comes from gv3000 drive n/a $720.00
Reliance 56921-601 n/a n/a $480.00
Reliance 57491 n/a n/a $1,152.00
Reliance 57552-4b n/a n/a $5,757.00
Reliance 57652 n/a n/a $3,084.00
Reliance 57c330 n/a n/a $972.00
Reliance 57c330b 804100-rx n/a $924.00
Reliance 57c330c 804100-rx n/a $924.00
Reliance 57c404b n/a n/a $672.00
Reliance 57c411 57411-2f n/a $1,560.00
Reliance 57c416 n/a n/a $732.00
Reliance 57c430 n/a n/a $2,904.00
Reliance 57c430b n/a n/a $3,888.00
Reliance 57c445 n/a n/a $2,880.00
Reliance 5fr4032 flexpak 3000 n/a $1,702.00
Reliance 5v4140 gv3000 n/a $1,182.00
Reliance 5v4150 gv3000 n/a $966.00
Reliance 5v4160 gv3000 se n/a $1,272.00
Reliance 607980-27b n/a n/a $480.00
Reliance 607980-70B H2310240032XX1 Encoder call
Reliance 607980-76b n/a n/a $480.00
Reliance 608881-31 n/a n/a $420.00
Reliance 608881-31a n/a n/a $420.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 60g4260 gv3000 se n/a $4,998.00
Reliance 610293 n/a n/a $250.00
RELIANCE 6166-01-802 n/a SERVO DRIVE call
Reliance 61c22b 803456-37rd n/a $534.00
Reliance 61c346 automate n/a $900.00
Reliance 62pmlf-0240-a-0-00 n/a n/a $480.00
Reliance 65c600 n/a n/a $840.00
Reliance 6sp401-014ctan sp600 n/a $840.00
Reliance 6z802 6z802 n/a $360.00
Reliance 704323-2x n/a n/a $354.00
Reliance 705330-28s n/a n/a $366.00
Reliance 705330052r n/a n/a $930.00
Reliance 75v4060 gv3000 se n/a $3,834.00
Reliance 78155-77r n/a n/a $720.00
Reliance 78177 n/a n/a $768.00
Reliance 78177-2rc n/a n/a $714.00
Reliance 78177-3rd n/a n/a $768.00
Reliance 78469-r n/a n/a $7,200.00
Reliance 7v4140 gv3000 se n/a $1,200.00
Reliance 7v4151 gv3000 n/a $987.00
Reliance 7v4160 gv3000 se n/a $1,440.00
Reliance 801420-72a process line kit n/a $250.00
Reliance 801429-21c n/a n/a $2,999.00
Reliance 801466-r n/a n/a $924.00
Reliance 802220v n/a n/a $1,536.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 802261-88r power output module n/a $6,076.00
Reliance 802288-70a position loop kit n/a $250.00
Reliance 803-38-00knr n/a n/a $780.00
Reliance 803456-51r n/a n/a $4,326.00
Reliance 805409-001r n/a n/a $1,176.00
Reliance 809 52-00 n/a n/a $1,044.00
Reliance 809 64-00 n/a n/a $720.00
Reliance 810-90-11 h n/a n/a $1,080.00
Reliance 810.90.11 n/a Circuit Board call
Reliance 812-66-04 analog output n/a $540.00
Reliance 812.5610 FWT n/a Analog Input Card call
Reliance 812.66.04 (4) n/a Analog Output Card call
Reliance 813-23-20exy n/a n/a $1,200.00
Reliance 813.23.20FZZ n/a Circuit Board call
Reliance 814-56-10 n/a n/a $600.00
Reliance 837-20-02 a s-2 8034 n/a $1,194.00
Reliance 86466-47s n/a n/a $1,376.00
Reliance 86466-58r n/a n/a $810.00
Reliance 86466-58s thyristor n/a $810.00
Reliance 86466-595 n/a n/a $1,020.00
Reliance 86466-59s n/a n/a $1,020.00
Reliance 86466-60s n/a n/a $1,980.00
Reliance 86466-74s n/a n/a $3,186.00
Reliance 86466-87r n/a n/a $2,160.00
Reliance 86466-88r n/a n/a $2,160.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance 86466-91r n/a n/a $1,236.00
Reliance 86466-92r n/a n/a $1,236.00
Reliance 86474-7s n/a n/a $720.00
Reliance 86474-8s n/a n/a $720.00
Reliance 86474-r n/a n/a $624.00
Reliance 86474-s1 n/a n/a $654.00
Reliance 8c120 n/a n/a $366.00
Reliance 8c20 impak plus n/a $364.00
Reliance 9101-0102 n/a AC DRIVE $1,170.00
Reliance 9101-2110 65c500 n/a $722.00
Reliance 9101-2163 pdm-30 n/a $1,380.00
Reliance b-m-60002-5 n/a n/a $1,680.00
Reliance b-m0-55326-55342-1 n/a n/a $3,600.00
Reliance dc1-3 n/a n/a $250.00
Reliance dc1-42u dc1 vs drive n/a $294.00
Reliance dc1-466 n/a n/a $252.00
Reliance dc1-46u n/a n/a $252.00
Reliance dc1-70g n/a n/a $570.00
Reliance dc1-70u n/a n/a $318.00
Reliance dc1-71u n/a n/a $318.00
Reliance dc2-42u n/a n/a $264.00
Reliance dc2-50u n/a n/a $273.00
Reliance dc2-70g vs dc2 n/a $250.00
Reliance dc2-70u dc2 n/a $270.00
Reliance dc2-90u n/a n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance dci 46v n/a n/a $252.00
Reliance dm020 n/a n/a $1,314.00
Reliance dsa-mtr 30r n/a n/a $5,724.00
Reliance dsa-mtr-30a n/a n/a $1,702.00
Reliance ec690mam003 ss90 n/a $1,476.00
Reliance flexpak plus n/a n/a $1,080.00
Reliance GD.719.74.00-A n/a Card call
Reliance gp-2000 n/a n/a $1,368.00
Reliance H2310240032XX1 n/a n/a call
Reliance HS2010248444704 n/a Encoder call
Reliance isu21002 n/a n/a $360.00
Reliance isu44002 n/a n/a $594.00
Reliance isv41001 n/a n/a $432.00
Reliance mop n/a n/a $1,200.00
Reliance n/a n/a V-S Drive a/c to d/c call
Reliance pdm-020 n/a n/a $2,040.00
Reliance rd61a n/a n/a $600.00
Reliance s-4075-r-h00aa n/a n/a $2,229.00
Reliance sc-68189 n/a n/a $720.00
Reliance sp500 1su44002 n/a $486.00
Reliance vs series n/a n/a $250.00
Reliance Elec. Con 15 v 5=4151 n/a n/a call
Reliance Electric 0020-0149-001 n/a Tach call
RELIANCE ELECTRIC 0228-06-029 n/a Servo Motor from Haas Vertical Machine Center call
Reliance Electric 0643-09-037 n/a DC Servo Motor from a Haas Indexer call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Reliance Electric 1su24003 n/a AC Drive call
Reliance Electric 1su24005 n/a AC Drive call
Reliance Electric 57C435 n/a Processor call
reliance electric 607980-71C n/a n/a call
Reliance Electric 651485 n/a Encoder call
Reliance Electric 802220-SG n/a Flex Pack Drive call
Reliance Electric E728 n/a Servo Motor call
Reliance Electric G286-24-004 E286 Motor call
Reliance Electric H2310240032XX17 n/a Encoder call
reliance electric vcib-44 n/a Servo Drive call
Reliance Electric XBR-3340 n/a Servo Motor call
Reliance Electric (Electro-Craft) 643-021-0110 E19-2 Motor call
Reltec 41-050-17 n/a Circuit Board call
RELTEC 43-005-94 n/a Circuit Board call
REM System AVV2500 n/a Circuit Board call
Rema Power Ltd pdan-2110 n/a n/a $1,500.00
Remco 513500 n/a Control Board Assembly call
Remstar GS140 PC Board n/a Circuit Board call
REMSTAR GS140-4 n/a Circuit Board call
Remstar GS41 PC Board n/a Circuit Board call
REMSTAR GS41-3 n/a Circuit Board call
renco 388957-07 n/a encoder call
Renco 73606-002 n/a Encoder call
renco 75428-007 n/a encoder call
Renco 75428-007 n/a Encoder call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Renco 77676-312 n/a Encoder call
Renco 77676-313 n/a Encoder call
Renco 77678-001 n/a Encoder call
Renco 77678-088 n/a Encoder call
Renco 77678-336 14414-506 Encoder call
Renco 78994-008 n/a Encoder call
Renco 79000-026 n/a n/a $810.00
Renco 79020-021 n/a Encoder call
RENCO 7999-013 n/a Encoder call
RENCO 79990-013 n/a Encoder call
Renco 79991-015 n/a Encoder call
RENCO 79992-006 n/a Encoder call
Renco Not sure n/a Encoder call
Renco RCH20D-2000/4-1/25/0LD/VC-7-M6-5 n/a Encoder call
Renco RCH20D-4096/4-12MM-5 n/a Encoder call
Renco RCH25D-2000/4-1/2-C1-5/0-LD/VC-1-M7-S n/a Encoder call
Renco RHS20D-2000-3/8-5-LD1M3S n/a Encoder call
Renco rm21d-500-1/2-G6-5-CA50-B6-1-H-5 n/a Encoder call
RENCO ENCODER 73606-002 n/a Encoder call
Renco Encoders Inc. 77676-305 n/a Encoder call
Renishaw A-1307-0025 n/a Servo Power Amplifier call
Renishaw HCU1 n/a Pocket Terminal call
Renishaw M-1307-0841-02 n/a ISA Slot Card call
Renishaw MI8 n/a Probe Interface call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Renishaw PH-9-A n/a Probe Head & Controller call
Renishaw unknown n/a Encoder call
REO Elektronik GMBH REOVIB MFS 068 n/a n/a call
Reo Elektronik Gmbh reovib-mfs-068 n/a n/a $981.00
Rep 78166 n/a n/a $250.00
Repete 120-05-1601 controller n/a $360.00
Resolver 11BRW-300-F1/6 n/a n/a call
Resomat RM-7 n/a Linear Driver Controller call
Resonant Power Supply RPF-180 n/a Power Supply call
Resonant Power Tech 741-0833-000000 n/a Power Supply call
Resonant Power Technology 108565-01 n/a Power Supply call
Resonant Power Technology 9101 RevD n/a Power Supply call
Resonant Power Technology RHD-150 n/a Power Supply call
Resonant Power Technology RP274/5 n/a Power Supply call
Resonant Power Technology RPM 300/4 n/a Power Supply call
Respironics California 2500 n/a Smart Recorder call
Respironics California CPS6005A n/a Power Supply call
Reta bv522 10-15-02 n/a n/a $576.00
Reta bv522-10-15-1 n/a n/a $576.00
Reta Electronics bv 524-08-14-12 n/a n/a $723.00
Reuland 6120-521-443 n/a n/a $420.00
Revco 404I n/a Circuit Board call
Revent 50213601 n/a Circuit Board call
REVENT IOC/RPU n/a Two-Board Assembly call
Revent International Ab 50213601 n/a n/a $567.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Revent International Ab pro2000 n/a n/a $360.00
Revere Transducers Europe 5223-b10-50k-40pi n/a n/a $648.00
Revere Transducers Europe 606717-02 n/a n/a $1,367.00
Rex Manufacturing 73286 n/a POWER SUPPLY $480.00
rex routh bosch 2THE6 n/a 2 axes controller call
Rexcon 102-5288 n/a n/a $250.00
Rexcon 102-5290 n/a n/a $250.00
Rexcon 602-9044-2 n/a n/a $250.00
Rexcon 602-9045-2 n/a n/a $250.00
Rexroth 3-533-0610g port control board n/a $720.00
Rexroth 3-533-0980g Rev a n/a Circuit Board call
Rexroth cmc-2 n/a n/a $1,800.00
Rexroth cmc-2-haf-1 cmc-2 w-mod n/a $960.00
Rexroth CSH01.1C-C0-ENS-NNN-MA1-NN-S-NN-FW n/a Contoller call
Rexroth DKC02 3-040-7-FW n/a ECO Drive call
REXROTH ES 43-A8-0995 n/a Circuit Board call
Rexroth es-43-a8-0609-c cmc-1 n/a $900.00
Rexroth es-43-a8-0995-0610-a-2 cmc-2 w mod n/a $960.00
rexroth GP45-4-A-444 n/a Servo Motor call
rexroth GP45-4-A-452 n/a Servo Motor call
REXROTH HCS02. IE-W0054 n/a Servo Drive call
Rexroth HCS03.1E-W0150-A-05-NPBV n/a Servo Drive call
Rexroth sk2-01 n/a n/a $360.00
Rexroth VT 5003 S 30 n/a Amplifier Card call
Rexroth VT 5011 S44 R1 n/a Amplifier Card call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Rexroth VT16000-21-100 n/a n/a call
Rexroth vt3000-s35 n/a n/a $360.00
Rexroth vt3006-s34 n/a n/a $432.00
Rexroth vt3013-s35-r1 n/a n/a $420.00
Rexroth vt3013-s37-1 n/a n/a $420.00
Rexroth vt3015-a-1x-e amplifier board n/a $480.00
Rexroth VT3015-S-1X/E n/a Amplifier Card call
Rexroth vt3015-s1x-e n/a n/a $480.00
Rexroth vt5002-s22 n/a n/a $378.00
Rexroth vt5002-s22-r1 n/a n/a $378.00
Rexroth vt5002-s24-r1 n/a n/a $378.00
Rexroth vt5002-s25-r1 n/a n/a $378.00
Rexroth vt5003 n/a n/a $378.00
Rexroth vt5006 n/a n/a $357.00
Rexroth vt5006-17 n/a n/a $489.00
Rexroth vt5006-s12-r1 vt5006 n/a $468.00
Rexroth vt5006-s12-r5 vt5006 n/a $468.00
Rexroth vt5006-s13-r1 n/a n/a $468.00
Rexroth vt5007-s16 n/a n/a $798.00
Rexroth vt5011 n/a n/a $366.00
Rexroth vt5015-37-r5e n/a n/a $480.00
Rexroth Indramat DKC02.3-100-7-FW n/a Servo Drive call
Rexroth Indramat DKC11.3-100-7-FW n/a Servo Drive call
Rexroth Indramat DKC22.3-040-7 n/a Circuit Board call
Rexroth Indramat DKC30.3-100-7-FW n/a Servo Drive call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Rexroth Indramat HDD02.1-W040N n/a Servo Controller call
Rexroth Indramat HDS05.2-W300N-HS23-01-FW n/a Servo Drive call
reznor 195365 n/a ignitor call
Rfl Electronics hc49466 n/a n/a $450.00
Rfl Electronics hd94113csw n/a n/a $300.00
Rfl Electronics hd94123cswx n/a n/a $250.00
Rfl Electronics hd94130cswx1 n/a n/a $250.00
RG Software & Systems, Inc. 1182-1 n/a Circuit Board call
Rhein Nadel SRC-N400-1L n/a vibration bowl call
Rhein Nadel Control Type ESR 01 n/a n/a call
Rhein-Nadel Automation ESG1000 n/a Control Box call
Rhein-Nadel Automation esr01 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Rheon ab12c6022 n/a n/a $1,000.00
Rheon f3485977 n/a n/a $1,000.00
Rheon f3486022 n/a n/a $1,000.00
Rhetorix unknown n/a n/a $250.00
ria drive n/a Circuit Board call
Ria Drive SNA1-531.0100.201 n/a Circuit Board call
ria drive unknown n/a Circuit Board call
Ric 58600 n/a n/a $324.00
Rice Lake Weighing Sys. 579885a-579887a n/a n/a $303.00
Rice Lake Weighing Sys. 579887a n/a n/a $250.00
Rice Lake Weighing Sys. 58600 n/a n/a $324.00
Rice Lake Weighing Sys. umc2000gaca weight display n/a $636.00
Richards-Wilcox 6226-41010 vidmar cpu board n/a $600.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Richardson Electronics LKCL-17A2-FRHM n/a Touch Screen call
Ridisys 0190-00318 n/a VGA Board call
ridisys 61-0880-40 n/a n/a call
Rieter 0232-01-09 n/a n/a $600.00
Rieter 0317-01-05 n/a n/a $720.00
Rieter 0927 773-4 0927 773 1a n/a $420.00
Rieter 220-20-s2 n/a n/a $1,800.00
Rieter be 232 f n/a n/a $1,050.00
Rieter be 400 n/a n/a $400.00
Rieter br 232 f n/a n/a $1,050.00
Rieter ri990-100 1850-6540 n/a $1,845.00
Rigaku 4939-35-id n/a n/a $300.00
Rigaku N/A n/a high voltage power supply and counter call
Rigaku Denki 4005B4 n/a Circuit Board call
Riley ral-4b n/a n/a $462.00
Riley Automation ral-4 n/a n/a $462.00
Riley Automation ralc-16 n/a n/a $462.00
Riley Automation rald-16 n/a n/a $462.00
Rimrock 0787871R n/a Board call
Rimrock 11120-108-9 n/a Display Board call
Rimrock 115908-004 n/a Board call
RIS TM-2473-P13-MH-MH-00-GE-V11-000-CC n/a Fault Indicator Temperature Relay Card call
Risco RS5K1L n/a Controller call
Risco unknown n/a n/a $1,216.00
Riso 030-50526-H n/a Power Supply call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Riso 030-90002-103 Rp3700 Screen Printer call
Riso 1C81181 n/a Power Supply call
Riso Rp3700 n/a Screen Printer call
Rite Hite acs80942 n/a control panel call
Rite Hite SDL900 SDL900 Control Panel call
Rite-Hite 57137-1-57137-2 n/a n/a $1,080.00
Rite-Hite 5dl-900 n/a n/a $840.00
Rite-Hite 8322 n/a n/a $600.00
Rittal (Carel) 154 n/a power pcb call
Ritter/Midmark 002-0501-00 n/a Circuit Board call
RKC PF-62 n/a Temp Controller call
Rkc rex-c1000 n/a TEMP CONTROLLER $281.00
Rkc rex-c4 n/a n/a $250.00
Rkc rex-c40 n/a n/a $250.00
Rmp lmg-90 n/a n/a $2,400.00
Rmp saw 8 a n/a n/a $1,800.00
Ro Associates 210 n/a n/a $360.00
Ro Associates 350 n/a n/a $330.00
Ro Associates ps910hh n/a n/a $330.00
roal 160A n/a Power Supply call
roal 160B n/a Power Supply call
ROAL A006200-01 n/a Power Supply call
ROBATECH MCS 380 v9.0 n/a n/a call
Robbins Myers E644A-MGB n/a servo motor call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Robertshaw 044-950-995 n/a n/a $300.00
Robertshaw 044kb524-85 n/a n/a $250.00
Robertshaw 044kb527-85 n/a n/a $250.00
Robertshaw 044kb990-01 305c n/a $300.00
Robertshaw 044kb995-02 n/a n/a $300.00
Robertshaw 100-00521-15 n/a Control call
Robertshaw 100-00831-01 sp 745 nr-c-60-30 n/a $300.00
Robertshaw 318a-b1 n/a n/a $306.00
Robertshaw 5001 n/a n/a $270.00
Robertshaw 9295-3 n/a n/a $360.00
Robertshaw pfm transmitter n/a n/a $300.00
Robicon 003942.000 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 168100.02 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 1PCI-4825-CL/0C-D n/a Controller call
Robicon 318-81 n/a n/a $1,440.00
Robicon 326001-6 n/a n/a $753.00
Robicon 361814 n/a n/a $282.00
Robicon 362605-01 n/a n/a $250.00
Robicon 371281a n/a n/a $250.00
Robicon 401307-00 n/a n/a $818.00
Robicon 401346-2 n/a n/a $588.00
Robicon 401349-2 n/a n/a $660.00
Robicon 422 762-14 n/a Dual Power Converter call
Robicon 422762-14 n/a Dual Power Converter call
Robicon 440302-04 n/a n/a $384.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Robicon 441304.13 n/a Power Controller call
Robicon 441305.11 n/a ac power controller call
robicon 444.207.03 n/a power controller call
Robicon 460223-03 n/a n/a $336.00
Robicon 4603A7.24 n/a A-com control board call
Robicon 4608C7.01 Rev.H n/a A-com control board call
Robicon 460E25.15 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 460H85.02 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 460K97.03 Rev B n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 460M35.01 Rev B n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 460R29.02 Rev. B n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 460Y55.00 n/a Circuit Board call
ROBICON 460Y55.20 n/a A.D./DC CONTROL BOARD call
Robicon 461544.01 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 461E90.05 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 463640-00 n/a n/a $570.00
Robicon 463710-00 n/a n/a $426.00
Robicon 469647 n/a Robicon call
ROBICON 469647.00 n/a GATE DRIVER BOARD call
ROBICON 469647.00 REV D n/a BOARD call
Robicon 469647.00 rev d, 469647.00 rev n/a Circuit board call
Robicon 469648 n/a Gate Control Board call
Robicon 469648.00 n/a Circuit Board call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Robicon 469648.00 rev g n/a Board call
Robicon 469648.05 n/a Gate Control Board call
Robicon 469648.05 REV 05 n/a CIRCUIT BOARD call
Robicon 469648.05 rev f n/a Board call
Robicon 469688.01 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 469688.03 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 471256d n/a n/a $1,016.00
Robicon 496648.05 n/a Circuit Board call
robicon 560119 n/a gate trigger board call
Robicon 560194 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 560194.11 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon 560194.11 and 361412 n/a Two Board Assembly call
Robicon 560194.11 and 361412.00 n/a Two Board Assembly call
Robicon 560194.12 and 361412.04 n/a Two-Board Assembly call
Robicon 900612 n/a Power Supply call
Robicon DCOM 460Y55.20 Rev C n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon DCOM 460Y55.20 Rev D n/a n/a call
ROBICON R460K97.03 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon R460k97.03T n/a master control board call
Robicon R469647.00T n/a gate board call
ROBICON R469648.05 n/a Circuit Board call
Robicon R569194.11 n/a VIP Regulator board call
robicon board 469647.00 rev a n/a n/a call
robicon board 469648.00 rev c n/a n/a call
robicon board 469648.00 rev g n/a n/a call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
robicon board 469648.05 rev g n/a n/a call
Robicon VIP 560194.11 rev M n/a Circuit Board call
ROBICON? R560194.11 n/a Circuit Board call
Robinair 10295 n/a n/a $420.00
Robinson Engineering Co. 12-1540 n/a n/a $380.00
robosoft 412-0094 n/a Servo Drive call
Robotic DUP150-00006 n/a Loader Board-USB call
Robotic DUP150-00019 n/a Printer Control Board call
Robotic DUP150-00061 n/a Loader Board-Serial call
RoboticLab unknown n/a Circuit Board call
Robotool pwa n/a n/a $342.00
Robotrol 2-02022000000 n/a n/a $360.00
Robotron 30015-05 n/a n/a $900.00
Robotron 453-0-633-01 n/a n/a $250.00
Robotron 503-4-0319-01 s120 115 400 n/a $1,200.00
Robotron 710ag n/a n/a $2,280.00
Rochester Instruments an-102-4c n/a n/a $264.00
Rochester Instruments an-102-4cg n/a n/a $264.00
Rochester Instruments an-113 n/a n/a $264.00
Rochester Instruments an-3145-67 n/a n/a $288.00
Rochester Instruments an-4127 n/a n/a $396.00
Rochester Instruments xsc-1390-860686 n/a n/a $318.00
Rockwell 1-e8107 n/a n/a $540.00
Rockwell 1dD19507 n/a 1D-19506,Power Supply Board Assembly call
Rockwell 1dD19507,1D-19506 n/a Power Supply Board Assembly call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Rockwell 8670390d n/a n/a $924.00
Rockwell e13301-1 n/a n/a $540.00
Rockwell e19161-1-e19156-1 n/a n/a $702.00
Rockwell max-250dc20 n/a n/a $660.00
Rockwell Collins 822-1182-002 n/a Radio Receiver/Transmitter call
Rockwell Goss 2d36261 n/a n/a $336.00
Rockwell Goss d36261 n/a n/a $336.00
Rocky P248 SV n/a Circuit Board call
Rodix fc-90 n/a n/a $250.00
Rofin Sinar 221340 n/a n/a $2,040.00
Rofin-Baasel unknown n/a Network Card Interface call
Rogers and Clark G300 n/a Monitor call
Roj Electrotex 50-h-218 n/a n/a $250.00
Roj Electrotex 50-h-85 n/a n/a $250.00
Roland 22925321-00 n/a Main Board call
Roland 7888712000 n/a Circuit Board call
Roland Leuze KA 741 S03 n/a n/a call
Roland-Leuze ka733-2-506 n/a n/a $250.00
Roll Systems 503223 n/a Circuit Board call
Roll Systems 504170 n/a Circuit Board call
ROMO RAS-01L ROMOE4 n/a Motherboard call
Ronan 125-24-125-600 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Ronan 125-24-600 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Ronan a6440k n/a n/a $600.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Ronan X-86 n/a n/a call
Ronan x120-1088 n/a n/a $510.00
Ronan x20-108801 n/a n/a $510.00
Ronan x80 500sa hs n/a n/a $250.00
Ronan x80 500sa hs r12 n/a n/a $250.00
Rondo Motor Control aad6551a n/a n/a $1,872.00
Rondo Motor Control aadm6551a n/a n/a $1,872.00
Rondopress WM094240-40 n/a Control Board call
Ronko Electronic rd007 n/a n/a $250.00
Ropex res-207-0-3 res-207 n/a $408.00
Ropex res-207-0-3-mod5 n/a n/a $360.00
Ropex res-220-35 res-220 n/a $600.00
Ropex res-407-0-3 n/a n/a $468.00
Rosback S-1330 n/a Circuit Board call
Rosemount 1054a n/a n/a $786.00
Rosemount 1054bc n/a n/a $786.00
Rosemount 2088g3s22a1b4 n/a n/a $1,643.00
Rosemount 23316-00 n/a n/a $250.00
Rosemount 3311-545-4 n/a n/a $250.00
Rosemount 3d39112g n/a n/a $1,632.00
Rosemount 4100 am1nrnr n/a n/a $250.00
Rosemount 8712-0507-0032 n/a n/a $1,020.00
Rosemount 8750WA12DSR1A1FPSA240CA1NAM4G1SAQ4 n/a 8712 Transmitter call
Rosemount 9406 n/a n/a $780.00
Rosemount 9679d59h01 n/a n/a $600.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Rosemount 9700d38g n/a n/a $660.00
Rosemount s097y62aaa n/a n/a $552.00
Rosen RLCD101-S-TS-BP-EX n/a Touch Screen call
Rosenthal 58851-415 n/a n/a $312.00
Rosenthal 58851-416 69353 n/a $312.00
Rosenthal r17457 n/a n/a $282.00
Ross Video 4800AR-024 n/a Power Supply call
Ross Video Pwr Supply 700W n/a Power Supply call
Rotary FA7180-61 n/a Circuit Board call
Rotaswitch 882-250/635OALP-TTL n/a Encoder call
Rothenbuhler Engineering 1657-1 n/a Circuit Board call
Roto P4573 n/a Controller call
Roto switch disc Ind. EC81-36-5 n/a Encoder call
Rotork 33734-02 n/a n/a $390.00
Rotork 45037-05 n/a Circuit Board call
Rotork 46958-02 n/a Circuit Board call
Rotork 47099-04 n/a Circuit Board call
Rotork Pakscan IIE n/a Controller call
Rotronic unknown n/a n/a $600.00
Rottler 090982 n/a Logic Board call
Rottler RT3X1B0Y.SLK n/a Circuit Board call
Rovema unknown n/a n/a $1,200.00
Rowan Electronics 107-91 n/a n/a $360.00
Rowan Elettronica 290-r n/a n/a $792.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
rowan elettronica modele 290 R.B/OG n/a n/a call
Roy Leighly Abba-(Fischer & Porter) 50SD110D113AEA321 n/a Remote Mount Converter call
Royal Bee Corp. S11 Rev.D n/a Circuit Board call
Royal Copystar Copier 4000d n/a power supply board call
Royce Instrument Corp Model 9040 n/a n/a call
RPT RPM500-1 n/a Circuit Board call
RS 217-3611 n/a Circuit Board call
Rsc 2354 n/a n/a $480.00
RSF Elektronic D608A17AC141 MSA 6717 Linear Encoder call
RSF Elektronic MSA 322RI n/a Linear Scale call
RSF Elektronic MSA 670.63 n/a Encoder call
RSF Elektronik unknown n/a Encoder call
Rt Engineering unknown n/a n/a $250.00
Rta Paria gmd 03 koch motor board n/a $600.00
RTA PAVIA 18394 SDC 06 n/a call
RTA PAVIA 18394 / A1 078 / 04 SDC 06 Ministep motordrive 32-65 VD call
RTA Pavia BCW 02 n/a Drive call
RTA Pavia GMD04 n/a Drive call
RTA PAVIA HGD 03 n/a Circuit Board call
RTA Pavia X-Mind B6.D n/a Driive call
RTA PAVIA ITALY GMD 04 n/a n/a call
RTA PAVIA ITALY INCA 01 n/a n/a call
RTA PAVIA ITALY INCA 01.B n/a n/a call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Rte Powermate es-5h n/a n/a $250.00
Rte Powermate sw-12-k-p2956 n/a n/a $1,215.00
rtepower/mate es-5h es-5h power supply call
RTP 8435/85-001 n/a n/a call
RTP Corp. 001-5192-000 / 060-50 RTP2000 PLC call
Rubicon RPS-4806 n/a n/a call
Rubicon Corp 402-113-3 n/a SCR Power Controller call
Rubycon RPS-1207 n/a Power Supply call
Rudale PN209-0002-2 n/a Board call
Rumble Controls Ltd. 750 n/a n/a $323.00
Rusco Electronic Systems MAC521 n/a Power Supply call
Rushka Instruments 7010-705N n/a Controller call
Russelectric MCB-REV4A n/a Switch/Control Module call
Ruston Tempest & Typhoon CT-93619D/17 n/a Programmable Procesoor Module (PPM2) call
rutherford control SPS--6B n/a Power Supply call
RVAC unknown n/a Circuit Board call
RVP Web Technology MTSC32 n/a Circuit Board call
Ryco 101570 n/a n/a $250.00
Ryco 110-1566 n/a n/a $250.00
Ryco 110-1567 n/a n/a $250.00
Ryco 110-1567-1 n/a n/a $250.00
Ryco 110-1568-4 n/a n/a $250.00
Ryco 110-1569 n/a n/a $250.00
Ryco 110-1570 n/a n/a $250.00
Ryco 110a-1293 n/a n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Ryco 150a-161 digital spray bar control CONTROLLER $510.00
Ryco 161a-050 n/a n/a $420.00
Ryobi 5340-61-648 n/a Control Board call
Ryowa Electric RRC-1 n/a Circuit Board call
Rytec DG-1200 n/a Door Logic Controller call
Rytec TST FU3 P-BP n/a Circuit Board call
Rytec Corporation dg1200 digital gateway n/a $372.00

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