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Repair Catalog

Browse our Repair Catalog for reference pricing on over 26,798 industrial electronic items. The cost to repair an item can have a significant range. We base your repair price on what is damaged on your item and how much work it will take to make the repairs needed - no "Flat Fees".

There is no charge for us to evaluate your item and provide a quote for repair. Click the following link to reach the repair form needed to send your damaged item for a free evaluation, ACS Repair Form. And, you can always call us with questions or to discuss your damaged items, 800-605-6419.

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Found 778 items.

Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
W & D pmc 10 n/a n/a $1,200.00
W Lehbrink unknown n/a n/a $250.00
W&T u28924 n/a n/a $420.00
Wabco 546 000 100 0 n/a Regulator call
Wachendorff 25H1002436200 n/a n/a call
Wachendorff PIK 124AD3NCA..3L n/a Encoder call
Wachendorff WDG 58B-1024-ABN-G05-S3 n/a encoder call
Wachendorffprozesstechnik 93ba1cd000bb n/a n/a $250.00
Wachendorffprozesstechnik pik-124ad3nca-3l n/a n/a $377.00
Wachendorffprozesstechnik pik-124bd3nca-3l n/a n/a $377.00
Wachendorffprozesstechnik unknown n/a n/a $377.00
Waddington st-6z n/a n/a $282.00
Waddington st6-115-t1-b1-0 n/a n/a $582.00
Wafer 5820-233 n/a Mother Board call
wagner 405154 n/a linde baker call
Wagner Electronic 811-88902 n/a n/a $554.00
Wagner Electronic 811-88903 n/a n/a $554.00
Wagner Schilkro 014540-2 n/a n/a $830.00
Wagner Schilkro 11088 n/a n/a $720.00
WAL 900-113 n/a Circuit Board call
WAL 900-123 n/a Circuit Board call
Walker dxm-9284 sarcvb-1 5 n/a $600.00
Walker dxm-9459 mbs 1 n/a $600.00
Wallace & Tiernan u26801 n/a n/a $288.00
Wallace & Tiernan u28924 n/a n/a $336.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Wallace & Tiernan u29140 n/a n/a $846.00
Wallace & Tiernan uxd26925 n/a n/a $660.00
Wallace and Tiernan U27912 n/a power board call
WALTER CM34746 n/a POWER 400 / EGKA CARD call
Walter Power 400 n/a BMT Board call
Waltron k-2014-401c n/a n/a $540.00
Wandel & Goltermann AMS-964 n/a n/a call
Wandel & Goltermann ESM-20 n/a ESM-20 RadMan Radiation Monitor call
Wandel Goltermann RFS-1 BN2112/06 n/a Fading Simulator call
Waratah 750-AS651 n/a Monitor call
Waratah F351143 n/a Display call
waratah unknown n/a Monitor call
Ward 132097 n/a n/a $264.00
Ward c97046 n/a n/a $348.00
WARD D101578 n/a Circuit Board call
Ward d113038 n/a n/a $250.00
Ward d132097 n/a n/a $250.00
Ward Machinery 177526 n/a n/a $486.00
warner mcs 131 n/a n/a call
warner tcs-210 n/a driver logic dancer control call
Warner & Swasey 8003-2102 n/a n/a $300.00
Warner & Swasey 8940-6853c n/a n/a $1,086.00
Warner & Swasey 8940-6855e n/a n/a $1,086.00
Warner Control mcs-202 n/a n/a $387.00
Warner Electric 160 bronco ii n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Warner Electric 161s bronco ii n/a $250.00
Warner Electric 2051 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric 224667-001-b n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric 224668 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric 6150 n/a n/a $624.00
Warner Electric 6910-101-007 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric 6910-702-035 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric 701-9142-005 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric 701-9144-005 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric b160 bronco ii n/a $250.00
Warner Electric b161s bronco ii n/a $250.00
Warner Electric cbc-300 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric cbc-700-90 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric cm-1027 n/a n/a $1,074.00
Warner Electric cm-1067 n/a n/a $1,074.00
Warner Electric ds9000 n/a n/a $372.00
Warner Electric KT4010-01-HTR1 Acomel K4000 High Frequency Converter call
Warner Electric mcs-103-1 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric mcs-154-3 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric mcs-165 n/a n/a $252.00
Warner Electric mcs-203 n/a n/a $432.00
Warner Electric mcs-2035 n/a n/a $326.00
Warner Electric mcs-203en n/a n/a $432.00
Warner Electric mcs-638a n/a n/a $300.00
Warner Electric mcs-802-2 n/a n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Warner Electric MCS2051 n/a Controller call
Warner Electric pac-4180epi n/a n/a $1,200.00
Warner Electric q7002 q7000 n/a $348.00
Warner Electric q7005 q7000 DC DRIVE $378.00
Warner Electric q7005-13 q7000 n/a $420.00
Warner Electric se2205 se2000 n/a $510.00
Warner Electric ss2000d6 slo-syn n/a $372.00
Warner Electric ss2000d6-i slo-syn n/a $809.00
Warner Electric ss2000d6i n/a n/a $809.00
Warner Electric SS2000MD4M-O n/a Stepper Drive Control call
Warner Electric ss2000md7 n/a n/a $312.00
Warner Electric ss241 motor n/a $527.00
Warner Electric SV3410-00000 n/a Servo Drive call
Warner Electric tcs-210 dancer control MISC $402.00
Warner Electric tdc330-08 n/a n/a $990.00
Warner Electric wb37156-00 n/a n/a $414.00
Warner Electric WB37156-02 n/a Circuit Board call
Warner Electric wc35933-00 control bd n/a $360.00
Warner Electric wc36006-00 n/a n/a $250.00
Warner Electric wd36163-33 cm1064 n/a $911.00
Warner Power/Termiflex 99-2012-1007 n/a Handheld Unit call
Warner Seco SV3410-001000 n/a Ac drive call
Warren 3352.000.000 n/a Power Supply call
Warren Power 14F20006027R15 n/a Rectifier call
Warren Power 3247.000-000 D130 STC .5P/.5N DC to DC Converter call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Warren power Service 3352.D01.000 n/a rectifier call
Wartah n/a Monitor call
Wascomat 487 1815-14 TD3030 printed circuit board call
Washex optima keypad controller n/a $600.00
Waskawa 461E90.06 Rev.D n/a Printed circuit board call
watchguard n/a Circuit Board call
Waters M945721DC2 n/a n/a call
Waters MA4162 n/a n/a call
Waters Corp. 056397 n/a circuit board call
Waters Corp. Unknown n/a HPLC call
Watkins Johnson 4322 n/a Circuit Board call
Watlow 140a-1603-3000 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 147e-1601-1100 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 147e-1601-3000 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 35-0215 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 35-0255 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 808 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 808c-0606-0000 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 810a n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 810a-0100-00aa n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 810a-0100-00ab n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 859 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 859a n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 8a15-071b-0606 808 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93 n/a n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Watlow 935A-1CC0-000R n/a Temperature Controller call
Watlow 93aa-1da0-00rr 93 n/a $282.00
Watlow 93ba-1cc0-00gr081797 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1cc0-00gr081799 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1cd0-00rr 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1cd0-00rr093737 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1cd0-00rr101195 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1da0-00rr118830 pac mac n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1dd0-00bc n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1dd0-00rg 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1dd0-00rr 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1dd0-00rr131946 pac mac n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1fd0-00gg 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1fd0-00rg 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1fd0-00rr 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba-1fd0-00rr076761 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba1cc000am n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba1cd000bb 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba1cd000rg 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba1cd000rr 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba1dd000rg 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba1dd000rr 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba1fd000gg n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba1fd000rg 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93ba1fd000rr 93 n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Watlow 93bb-1cd0-00gr76009 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93bb-1cd0-00rg 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93bb-1fd0-00rg 93 TEMP CONTROLLER $250.00
Watlow 93bb1fa000rr 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 93bb1fd000rg 93 series n/a $250.00
Watlow 93bbafa000rr 93 n/a $250.00
Watlow 945a-1da2-a000 945 series n/a $326.00
Watlow 965a-3cd0-00ep n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 965a-3cd1-00rg n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 965a-3da0-0000348463 965 n/a $250.00
Watlow 965a-3dao-0000 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 965a-3dd0-0000 n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 965a-3dd0-00be n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 965a-3dd0-00gr n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 965a-3dd0-00rg 965 n/a $250.00
Watlow 965a-3fd0-00rg 965 TEMP CONTROLLER $250.00
Watlow 965a3cc000r n/a n/a $250.00
Watlow 985a-1da0-000 n/a n/a $264.00
Watlow 988 n/a n/a $398.00
Watlow 988a-10kk-aarg 988 n/a $250.00
Watlow 988a-20fa-aagr n/a n/a $312.00
Watlow 988a-20fa-aarr 988 n/a $358.00
Watlow 988A-20FD-MURR n/a Controller call
Watlow 988l-20cd-aagg n/a n/a $312.00
Watlow 988S-10CC-NRFT n/a Temp Controller call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Watlow 988S-12CA-NADE n/a Temperature Controller call
Watlow 989 989 n/a $324.00
Watlow 989a-20fe 989 n/a $324.00
Watlow 989a-20fe-jerg 989 n/a $324.00
Watlow 989A-22FE-MERG n/a temp control call
Watlow 989b-20fd-aarg 989 series n/a $324.00
Watlow F2HA-1231-01CF n/a Controller call
Watlow F2HC-1111-11EY n/a Temp. Controller call
Watlow F4SH-FAA0-01 n/a Controller call
Watlow F4SH-KAA6-01 n/a Controller call
Watlow p/n F2HC-1111-11EY n/a temp/time control call
Watlow Q32-481-300-BV0 n/a SCR call
Watlow qpac 32 35-0205 35-0255 7-90 n/a $323.00
Watlow SD6C-LCJA-DSEA n/a Temperature Controller call
Watlow unknown 988 n/a $358.00
Watlow Anafaze Inc 88-30500-600 cls204 n/a $720.00
Waugh 101571F c1-1 n/a PCB call
Waugh 101580 n/a Circuit Board call
Waugh 101581F n/a Circuit Board call
Waugh 101581F m1-1 n/a PCB call
Waugh 101671 n/a PCB call
Waugh 101676B n/a PCB call
Waugh 102558 n/a PCB call
Waugh 109580 n/a Circuit Board call
Waugh unknown n/a Circuit Board call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Waugh Controls Model 670-1 n/a Prover Counter call
Waukesha Cherry Burrell 582sp254n n/a n/a $1,440.00
Wavetek 145 function generator n/a $600.00
wavetek 166 n/a signal generator call
Wavetek 178 n/a FREQUENCY GENERATOR call
Wavetek 2100A n/a WAVETEK Communication Service Monitor call
wavetek 27XT n/a test multimeter call
Wavetek 27XT n/a Multimeter call
Wavetek 3SR JDSU Stealth Meter call
Wavetek 500t 500 series n/a $250.00
Wavetek 650 n/a 2MHZ Variable Phase Synthesizer call
wavetek cli-1750 n/a meter call
Wavetek hd110t n/a n/a $250.00
Wavetek hd160 n/a n/a $250.00
Wavetek Lanteck Pro XL n/a n/a call
Wavetek Model #650 n/a 2MHZ Variable Phase Synthesizer call
Wavetek Model 21 n/a Function Generator call
Wavetek Model 22 n/a Servo Drive call
wavetek model 680 n/a multifunction generator call
Wavetek ms1200 n/a signal analyzer call
Wavetek MTS-5200e n/a Media Test Set call
Wavetek SDA-5000 n/a Digital Analyzer call
wavetek unknown n/a cabel meter call
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann WWG SDA-4040D n/a Stealth Digital Analyzer call
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann WWG SDA-4040D n/a Stealth Digital Analyzer call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Wayne Kerr 11AP7030H n/a Power Supply call
Wayne Kerr AP60150 n/a Power Supply call
Wd vz 703 n/a TIMER/COUNTER $540.00
Web Technology, Inc. 96511-1 n/a Circuit Board call
Web Technology, Inc. 96511-10 n/a Circuit Board call
Weber 60867044 n/a Touch Screen call
Weber 60867044 n/a Touch Screen call
webt-xs webtxs20.2101 n/a mainboard call
Weg cfw-05-35 n/a n/a $7,452.00
Weg ssw-03-170-460?575-1 n/a n/a $6,000.00
Weidmuller 496-1.500 n/a Sensor Box call
Weidmuller 8708670000 n/a Power Supply call
Weidmuller 8708670000 CP SNT n/a Power Supply call
Weigh Tek M110 n/a Control Assembly call
Weigh-Tronix 7405-00429 n/a n/a $360.00
Weigh-Tronix 7405-00555 8205 n/a $360.00
Weigh-Tronix d21665 n/a n/a $804.00
Weigh-Tronix d22742 n/a n/a $804.00
Weigh-Tronix d24463 n/a n/a $528.00
Weigh-Tronix d47028 n/a n/a $1,080.00
Weigh-Tronix d48881 n/a n/a $600.00
Weigh-Tronix display 3275 n/a n/a $540.00
Weigh-Tronix fls-250 n/a n/a $364.00
Weigh-Tronix fls-625 n/a n/a $606.00
Weigh-Tronix main 3275 n/a n/a $570.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Weiland PT100-3 4-20M n/a Temperature Transmitter call
Weiner 0210-2000 sp 320 2s n/a $1,200.00
Weiner sp 320 2s n/a n/a $1,200.00
Weiner sp 320s n/a n/a $1,200.00
Weinig 70060259630 n/a Control call
Weinig DR 065G n/a Control call
Weir 392600 ISS21 n/a Power Supply call
Weir 9444 030 70003 n/a Oscilloscope call
Weir HS100/3 n/a Power Supply HS100/3 call
Weir hss 100-1 n/a n/a $250.00
Weir HSS 100/34 n/a n/a call
Weir HSS100/3 n/a POWER SUPPLY call
Weir SM55 12 03 05 SM55 12 03 05 Power Supply call
weir SMLC 50R 1000 n/a power supply call
Weir SMLC111 00 00 n/a power supply call
weir smm 100/12 n/a Power Supply call
Weir smm 100/12 pf n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM 100S n/a Power Supply call
Weir smm 150-15 n/a n/a $366.00
Weir SMM 200 NT n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM 200 NT-M23 n/a Power Supply call
Weir smm 200-pf n/a n/a $554.00
Weir SMM 200NT-M23 n/a Switching power supply call
Weir SMM 300 SV/D n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM NT-M23 n/a power supply call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Weir SMM100/15-A24 n/a n/a call
Weir SMM150/15 n/a Power Supply call
WEIR SMM15000303A37 n/a POWER SUPPLY call
Weir smm200nt n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM200NT-M23 n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM200NTM23 n/a Power Supply call
Weir Smm300 n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM300 SV/D n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM300/D 12 00 00 A9 n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM300/D120000A9 n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM50 n/a Power Supply call
Weir SMM50/15 n/a Power Supply call
Weir WA305 00 01 03 n/a Power Supply call
Weir WA305 16 00 02 n/a n/a call
Weir WE 204 00 00 02 n/a Power Supply call
Weir WE203000002 n/a Power Supply call
Weir WE204 00 00 02 n/a power supply call
Weir WE204000002 n/a Power Supply call
Weir Electronics SMM200NTM23 n/a Power Supply call
Weiss Electronic ic815-2 n/a n/a $300.00
Weko 181183 n/a Control call
Weko 200250 n/a n/a $6,630.00
Weko 60-5493-12-3 n/a n/a $600.00
Welbilt varimixer mk-iii n/a n/a $708.00
Welch Allyn 111610 n/a Opthalmoscope head call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Welch Allyn 11610 n/a Opthalmoscope head call
welch allyn 13010 n/a orthoscope call
Welch Allyn 150499 n/a Monitor call
welch allyn 48300 n/a light source call
Welch Allyn 74910 n/a Otoscope call
WelchAllyn 981117 n/a AC/DC Charger call
WelchAllyn Ref 11720 n/a Opthalmascope call
WelchAllyn Unknown n/a 11720 call
Welco Industries Inc. solo 263-020 n/a n/a $600.00
Weld Computer unknown n/a n/a $3,243.00
Weldlogic PCB1 n/a pa 50 call
Welger Lely Baler Control III n/a Controller call
Welger lely round baler 0971.25.60.00 n/a control box rp bc lll call
wells-gardner 5V3703 n/a Monitor call
Weltron WMR-4Q/220W n/a DC Driver Board call
Weltronic 625984 n/a n/a $300.00
Welty Way 66-10A n/a Circuit Board call
Welty Way E95-141 n/a Circuit Board call
WENGLOR sc-102/110 n/a camera call
WER 0750-037 n/a Circuit Board call
Wer 1074-130 n/a n/a $534.00
Wer 1093-9 n/a Reactor Demodulator call
Wer 1235-2 n/a n/a $250.00
Wer 1683-8021 es123 n/a $250.00
Wer 2450-8010 n/a n/a $264.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Wer 367-500 n/a n/a $411.00
Wer 750-37-750-84 n/a n/a $250.00
Wer 750-68 n/a n/a $372.00
WER unknown n/a Speed Control call
Werner BSP30 n/a Control Board call
Werner Electric 9337-0465 n/a n/a $360.00
Werner Sturm 1104 n/a n/a $348.00
Werner Sturm 1106 n/a n/a $420.00
WES SCN-AT-FLT15.0-001-0H1 n/a 15 inch touchscreen call
Wescan Systems 4A51960G010 n/a CNC call
Wesco Distributing 57003824 n/a n/a $250.00
Wescor 5500 n/a Osmometer call
WESCOR PP-9539 n/a Power Supply call
Wesmar(Western Marine Electronics DFM300 n/a Digital Flow Monitor call
West 2068 n/a n/a $294.00
West 2070 n/a n/a $250.00
West 2075 n/a n/a $288.00
West 30d n/a n/a $250.00
West 3100 n/a n/a $250.00
West 3300 n/a n/a $250.00
West 6100 n/a n/a $250.00
West 800m n/a n/a $250.00
West l02-t1416-h50 n/a n/a $324.00
West m3800 n/a n/a $291.00
West m3810 n/a n/a $291.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
West unknown n/a n/a $300.00
West West 3100 n/a Temperature Controller call
west amp sp30-2-b1-0 n/a n/a call
west marine Unknown n/a Multi-stage battery charger call
Westamp 29825 n/a n/a $540.00
Westamp 29950-3 n/a n/a $456.00
Westamp 30059 n/a n/a $456.00
Westamp 30060-116 n/a Servo Drive call
Westamp 30060-25 n/a n/a call
Westamp 30060-3 n/a n/a $510.00
Westamp 32226-1 n/a n/a $810.00
Westamp 32286-1 n/a n/a $810.00
Westamp A486-250E-L3B6MP-A n/a n/a call
Westamp a6641d-12f4-2-12 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Westamp a7213-17f-033 n/a n/a $1,380.00
westamp AW 30057 n/a n/a call
WESTAMP SP-100 & SP-30 n/a Power Supply call
WESTAMP SP100 n/a n/a call
Westamp SP100-2-B1-0 n/a Servo Drive call
Westamp SP30 n/a servo drive call
westamp sp30-2-bl1 n/a n/a call
Westamp sp75-2-b1-1 n/a n/a $1,800.00
Westcor SP3-1830 n/a Power Supply call
WESTCOR SP7-1803-2 StakPAC VICOR n/a call
Westec 4453 n/a n/a $250.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Westec W2000 n/a Circuit Board call
WESTELL MPS-2500 n/a Power Supply call
Western Digital 4061-705059-001 n/a Circuit Board call
Western Digital 61-032092-00 n/a n/a $1,020.00
Western Digital d310725 n/a n/a $300.00
Western Digital WD2500BPVT n/a Hard drive call
Western Digital WDBACY5000ABK-00 n/a Circuit Board call
Western Electric 203B n/a n/a call
Western Servo Design BPU-S3 n/a n/a call
Western Servo Design PC-000-0122 BLH-S6-4/15-NEWENG Circuit Board Assembly call
Western Servo Design Inc 10052-100 bpw-s1 n/a $600.00
Westinghouse 1326a15 n/a n/a $582.00
Westinghouse 1492a10 n/a n/a $1,152.00
Westinghouse 1492a10g01 n/a n/a $1,170.00
Westinghouse 1640a03 n/a n/a $378.00
Westinghouse 1861a45 n/a n/a $540.00
Westinghouse 1861a45g06 n/a n/a $540.00
Westinghouse 1870a76g02 233p734h01k n/a $702.00
Westinghouse 1874a29g01 n/a n/a $738.00
Westinghouse 1888a93g01 n/a n/a $1,188.00
Westinghouse 1912a27g01 n/a n/a $1,224.00
Westinghouse 1912a30g10 n/a n/a $732.00
Westinghouse 1939a92 n/a n/a $2,400.00
Westinghouse 1963432a n/a n/a $1,032.00
Westinghouse 1993a24 n/a MISC $2,820.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Westinghouse 1a57376-123 nlop593c n/a $630.00
Westinghouse 1d77547g01 n/a n/a $2,544.00
Westinghouse 1d77729g07 n/a n/a $2,544.00
Westinghouse 204532 n/a n/a $780.00
Westinghouse 204534 n/a n/a $780.00
Westinghouse 204p425h01e 1459a01 n/a $960.00
Westinghouse 204p447h01f 1492a10 n/a $1,191.00
Westinghouse 204p447h01g 1492a10 n/a $1,191.00
Westinghouse 204p447h01k 1492a10 n/a $1,191.00
Westinghouse 2278558g01 iq-1000 ii n/a $1,020.00
Westinghouse 233p662h01a 1801a90 n/a $364.00
Westinghouse 233p669h01a 1801a90 n/a $545.00
Westinghouse 233p669h01a-233p651h01a 1848a85g02 n/a $545.00
Westinghouse 233p755h01e 1870a78g01 n/a $786.00
Westinghouse 235p683h01b 3 bd assy n/a $1,440.00
Westinghouse 235p683h01c 3 bd assy n/a $1,440.00
Westinghouse 2622d07g nlsi 799 n/a $882.00
Westinghouse 2622d07g02 nlsi 799 n/a $882.00
Westinghouse 2623d20g01 multi bd assy n/a $3,294.00
Westinghouse 2623d21g01 n/a n/a $3,294.00
Westinghouse 2623d22g01-2623d24g n/a n/a $3,240.00
Westinghouse 2623d23g01 n/a n/a $2,400.00
Westinghouse 2838a40 n/a n/a $804.00
Westinghouse 2A95201H12 n/a motor starter call
Westinghouse 2d66765g01 n/a n/a $960.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Westinghouse 2d66806g01 n/a n/a $684.00
Westinghouse 2d66818h01 n/a n/a $840.00
Westinghouse 2d78533 n/a n/a $258.00
Westinghouse 2d78558g01 n/a n/a $1,032.00
westinghouse 2D81400G11 n/a CENTAC MP3 BOARD call
Westinghouse 2d82302g01 iq analyzer 6000 n/a $1,134.00
Westinghouse 3718S n/a n/a call
Westinghouse 3772D75603 n/a n/a call
Westinghouse 3772D8801 n/a n/a call
Westinghouse 3d04099 g04-3 n/a n/a $534.00
Westinghouse 3d04099g01-2 pc1200-1020 n/a $514.00
Westinghouse 3d04115g08-16 pc1200-1020 n/a $514.00
Westinghouse 3d17116h01 n/a n/a $3,246.00
Westinghouse 3d17187g01 n/a n/a $756.00
Westinghouse 3d17187g03 n/a n/a $756.00
Westinghouse 3d17415g01 n/a n/a $794.00
Westinghouse 3d17478g01 n/a n/a $1,800.00
Westinghouse 4d33613g01 n/a n/a $2,412.00
Westinghouse 4d337755601 n/a n/a $2,232.00
Westinghouse 5880c86h01 n/a n/a $726.00
Westinghouse 5880c88607 n/a n/a $726.00
Westinghouse 5880c88g07 n/a n/a $726.00
Westinghouse 5880c88g1 n/a n/a $726.00
Westinghouse 64es1-4150n n/a n/a $1,500.00
Westinghouse 6997d20g42 n/a n/a $792.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Westinghouse 7379a31go2 n/a n/a $1,218.00
Westinghouse 7381a92g01 nlms-1200 n/a $312.00
Westinghouse 78072600000 n/a n/a $2,544.00
Westinghouse 7881c55g02 n/a n/a $858.00
Westinghouse 7883c24go1 n/a n/a $1,410.00
Westinghouse 8206d38 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Westinghouse 8206d39 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Westinghouse 8207d82 n/a n/a $1,986.00
Westinghouse 8207d92 n/a n/a $572.00
Westinghouse 8210d30 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Westinghouse 8449a97g01 n/a n/a $480.00
Westinghouse 8580A64G01 Varichron power supply for the Adjustable Freq Drive system call
Westinghouse 8580A82G01 Varichron III Gate Conditioner Board for the Freq Drive Unit call
Westinghouse 9032-236-hr n/a n/a $480.00
Westinghouse 9032-236hl n/a n/a $480.00
Westinghouse 9966d32 n/a n/a call
Westinghouse 9966d84g01 n/a n/a $1,032.00
Westinghouse 9966d91g05 9930d52g01 n/a $2,304.00
Westinghouse a 2100 i b n/a n/a $3,246.00
Westinghouse a 908 n/a n/a $1,200.00
Westinghouse CPU503 n/a PLC call
Westinghouse ct2031 n/a n/a $648.00
Westinghouse ct2051 n/a n/a $825.00
Westinghouse ct4021 accutrol 110 n/a $801.00
westinghouse dps-210ep-2c REV:00 n/a Power Supply call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Westinghouse iq-1000 n/a n/a $1,032.00
Westinghouse iq-1000 ii n/a n/a $1,020.00
Westinghouse IQ1000 n/a Relay call
Westinghouse iq100011 n/a n/a $1,020.00
Westinghouse MCH Card WDPF System 7.5 Level n/a call
Westinghouse nl-1045 n/a n/a $255.00
Westinghouse nl-1057 n/a n/a $486.00
Westinghouse nl-1062 7381a87 g01 n/a $323.00
Westinghouse nl-1077 n/a n/a $250.00
Westinghouse nl-2029 1a57378h17 n/a $600.00
Westinghouse nl-2771 n/a n/a $420.00
Westinghouse nl-707 n/a n/a $258.00
Westinghouse nl-708 n/a n/a $258.00
Westinghouse nl-710 n/a n/a $258.00
Westinghouse nl-710h n/a n/a $258.00
Westinghouse nl-731 n/a n/a $312.00
Westinghouse nl-732 n/a n/a $312.00
Westinghouse nl-736h numalogic n/a $250.00
Westinghouse nl-739 n/a n/a $250.00
Westinghouse nl-742 n/a n/a $510.00
Westinghouse nl-742e n/a n/a $510.00
Westinghouse nl-742e-h n/a n/a $510.00
Westinghouse nl-752 n/a n/a $654.00
Westinghouse NL-752 Numa Logic n/a call
Westinghouse nl-752a n/a n/a $654.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Westinghouse nl-761-h n/a n/a $648.00
Westinghouse nl-771 n/a n/a $594.00
Westinghouse nl-772 n/a n/a $576.00
Westinghouse nl-772a n/a n/a $576.00
Westinghouse nl-772h n/a n/a $576.00
Westinghouse nle-770 numalogic n/a $468.00
Westinghouse nlpl-780p n/a n/a $1,020.00
Westinghouse nlsi-799 2622d07g02 n/a $882.00
Westinghouse PC 900 n/a Controller call
Westinghouse pc1100 n/a PLC call
Westinghouse PC1100-1011 n/a Controller call
Westinghouse pc1100-1012 n/a PLC call
Westinghouse pc1100-1022 n/a n/a $534.00
Westinghouse PC1100-1023 n/a Controller call
westinghouse pc1100-1033 n/a PLC call
Westinghouse pc1200 n/a n/a $534.00
Westinghouse pc1200-1040 n/a n/a $555.00
Westinghouse pc1200-1041 pc1200 n/a $600.00
Westinghouse pc1200-1042 pc1200 n/a $3,000.00
Westinghouse pc1200-1043 n/a n/a $555.00
Westinghouse pc1250-1042 pc1200 n/a $3,000.00
Westinghouse pc2000-42 1a57377h05 n/a $6,000.00
Westinghouse pc700b n/a n/a $1,092.00
Westinghouse PC700B-20-304004 n/a Controller call
Westinghouse pc700b-20-304006 pc700b n/a $1,131.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Westinghouse pc700b-m2030400610 n/a n/a $1,800.00
Westinghouse pc900b-20-1035 n/a n/a $684.00
WESTINGHOUSE PL1100-1033 n/a PLC call
Westinghouse s 56 n/a n/a $1,956.00
Westinghouse s 56 f n/a n/a $2,316.00
Westinghouse s10z4 n/a n/a $1,440.00
Westinghouse t930520 n/a n/a $250.00
Westinghouse t930702 n/a n/a $250.00
Westinghouse unknown n/a Monitor call
Westinghouse ved20019ba n/a n/a $720.00
Westinghouse ved20026aa n/a n/a $900.00
westinghouse w200m3cfc n/a motor starter call
Westinghouse ZD81400G11 n/a MP3 microcontroller call
Westinghouse Numa-Logic T1603000041 n/a n/a call
Westingtouse/Delta Electronics DSP-210EP-1A n/a Power Supply call
Weston 2435 n/a n/a $250.00
Westronics ap41-316d n/a n/a $384.00
Westronics cb100161-02 n/a n/a $714.00
Westronics cb100295-01 n/a n/a $264.00
Westronics cb10041-2 n/a n/a $2,400.00
Westronics pa100056-01 n/a n/a $606.00
Westunghouse NL-710 n/a Numa Logc board call
Wgbm Associates Inc 800-0100 n/a n/a $540.00
Whedco 78003965-9411 imc-1511-1-b n/a $810.00
Whedco 78003965-9504 imc-1151-1-b n/a $810.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Whedco 78005927-9906 n/a n/a $810.00
Whedco 78006002 imj-313e-x-d n/a $600.00
Whedco IMC-105X-1-D n/a Servo Control call
Whedco IMC-313X-X-D n/a Controller call
Whedco MTR 3S65-G-R-0-E-S n/a Motor call
Wheelabrator 621 311 n/a n/a $831.00
WHITE INDUSTRIES ATX31000 n/a circuit board from a trans fluid exchange machine call
White Rodgers 50V65-495-04 n/a Circuit Board call
White Rodgers D341232P01 n/a Circuit Board call
Whitfield 13645900 n/a Circuit Board call
Whitfield None on unit. n/a Circuit Board call
Whitlock WR531890 n/a Control Board call
Whitman dmev 1 bauteilseite n/a $342.00
Whitman dmov 1 1 bauteilseite skm3s94vo n/a $288.00
Whitney Packaging 360046-001-0 n/a Circuit Board call
Whitney Packaging 360058-001-0 n/a Circuit Board call
Whitney Packaging XB-43048 n/a Circuit Board call
Whitney Packaging XB-43070 n/a Circuit Board call
Whitney Packaging XB-43088 n/a Circuit Board call
Whitney Packaging XB43140A n/a Circuit Board call
Whitney Packaging Corp. 360362-001-0 amplifler auto-zero n/a $810.00
Wicomat UDC-1 n/a logic board out of a Bruderer 22e press. call
Wiedemann ASM-08M-0750CB V-3000 Ram Axis Servo call
Wieland ASVPt100-3 n/a analog module measuring amplifier call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Wier SMLC 50R 1000 n/a Power Supply call
Willett 200-0210-213 n/a Main CPU board for the Willett 210 labeler. call
Willett 200-1001-101 cpu ii n/a $1,116.00
Willett 2300 n/a n/a $810.00
Willett 401-0090-101 n/a n/a $3,000.00
Willett 401-0104-101 n/a n/a $2,481.00
Willett 401-0150-101 2600 n/a $324.00
Willett 40333850 n/a n/a $420.00
Williams Electronics d-8345-1914 n/a n/a $360.00
Williamson 422l n/a n/a $900.00
Wilmore 1500 1502-24-48-8-M3 DC DC Converter call
wilmore 1502-24-48-8-M3 n/a CONVERTER AMWN call
Wilmore AMWN 1502-24-48-8-M3 n/a converter call
Wilson Jones AS/S565/7 n/a Acco call
Wiltron 560A n/a Analyzer call
Win Systems 400-0227-000D-486DX n/a PCB call
WIN SYSTEMS, INC 400-0165-000 n/a PCB call
Win-tact WP203F11 n/a DC Power Supply call
WIN-TACT Electronics Corp WP203F11 C3 n/a Power Supply call
Windsor 27763 and 27764 n/a Two-Board Assembly call
Wink O Matic sunray ver 1 0 n/a n/a $7,800.00
Winmate R12T600-OF n/a Touch Screen call
WINMATE R20L110-PMA2 n/a LCD Monitor call
winona van norman 530e n/a Circuit Board call
Winrich dftc-32 n/a Circuit Board call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Winston Industries 1655T29 n/a Temperature Controller call
Winston Industries PS2720 n/a replacement pn for 1655T29 call
Winsystems 400-0001-000 n/a n/a $420.00
WinSystems LPM-7614 n/a n/a call
WinSystems LPM/MCM AIO n/a n/a call
WinSystems PCM-UIO96A-16 n/a Board call
Winsystems touchscreen n/a n/a $1,914.00
Wintriss Controls c50263 n/a n/a $250.00
Wintriss Controls c50265 n/a n/a $250.00
Wintriss Controls c50420 n/a n/a $250.00
Wintriss Controls ic3-2 w-modules n/a n/a $1,800.00
Wintriss Controls unknown malfunction detector n/a $300.00
Wintron 926857604 n/a Power Supply call
Wipotec KSM 586 n/a Controller call
Wipotec KSM586 n/a Controller call
Wire Electronic GNE 211 n/a Servo Drive call
Wire Electronic GNE 211-10/220 n/a Drive call
Wire Electronic GNE 211-15/240 n/a Drive call
Wire Electronic GNE 211-22/240 n/a Drive call
Wire Electronic GNV451-20-130 n/a DC Drive call
Wirelession 10 inch screen n/a Touch Screen call
Withof 9404 436 68271 plastomatic 19 n/a $255.00
WME 4512-130-44303 n/a Power Supply call
WMS GAMING 5779-006121-00 n/a Circuit Board call
Woha l1652-5 n/a n/a $1,320.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Wohlenberg WOHA5040019 n/a CPU Board call
Wohlenberg WOHA5040538 n/a CPU Board call
Wohrle CB-12/SK2L-104 n/a Workstation call
wohrle DPN 406008/G360 n/a n/a call
Wohrleindustrieelektronik 8108 161843 n/a n/a $2,050.00
Wolf ZX-30 n/a Timer Board for tanning bed. call
wolfle 478258. 403 n/a n/a call
Wood-Mizer 024218 n/a Circuit Board call
Woodman d-10038 n/a n/a $300.00
Woodman d-10038a n/a n/a $300.00
Woodman d-10664 n/a n/a $330.00
Woodman d-10947 n/a n/a $250.00
Woodman d-10996 n/a n/a $330.00
Woodman d-11553 n/a n/a $330.00
Woodman d-11607 n/a n/a $330.00
Woodman d-14622-d13468 n/a n/a $713.00
Woodman d-14664a n/a n/a $600.00
Woodman d-14689 n/a n/a $250.00
Woodman d-14856 n/a n/a $250.00
Woodman e-3842 n/a n/a $300.00
Woodman e-6061 n/a n/a $250.00
Woods afc2002-0a2s n/a n/a $782.00
Woods afc2003-0b2s n/a n/a $702.00
Woods afc202-0b2s n/a n/a $726.00
Woods afc4001-0a2 n/a n/a $804.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Woods afc4001-0b2 n/a n/a $834.00
Woods afc4003-0b2 n/a n/a $1,068.00
Woods afc4007-5b2s e-trac n/a $1,344.00
Woods b3415 n/a n/a $468.00
Woods d1c0020 n/a n/a $312.00
Woods d2a0020 n/a n/a $250.00
Woods d4a0020 ultracon ii n/a $336.00
Woods d5c0020 ultracon ii n/a $414.00
Woods dsc0020 n/a n/a $372.00
Woods j 300 ultracon n/a n/a $366.00
Woods j075 ultracon n/a $432.00
Woods j100 n/a n/a $444.00
Woods j100 ultracon scr control n/a $480.00
Woods j150 n/a n/a $444.00
Woods j200 n/a n/a $738.00
Woods j300 n/a n/a $366.00
Woods j500 n/a n/a $984.00
Woods jc075 ultracon scr n/a $396.00
Woods pc 137 h n/a AC DRIVE $420.00
Woods pc 138 h n/a n/a $540.00
Woods pc 232 n/a MISC $480.00
Woods pc 233 n/a n/a $514.00
Woods pc 474 n/a n/a $300.00
Woods pc148h n/a n/a $250.00
Woods pc332 control board n/a $276.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Woods pc505 controller card n/a $720.00
Woods ssu4g10 n/a n/a $726.00
Woods u100 ultracon n/a $480.00
Woods wdb411 n/a MISC $480.00
Woods wfc series n/a n/a $1,020.00
Woods wfc1001-0c n/a n/a $684.00
Woods wfc1001-0cht n/a n/a $624.00
Woods wfc2000-7c n/a n/a $528.00
Woods wfc2001-0c n/a n/a $582.00
Woods wfc2001-0cht n/a n/a $582.00
Woods wfc2001-0ht n/a n/a $582.00
Woods wfc2002-0c n/a n/a $660.00
Woods wfc2002-0cht n/a n/a $726.00
Woods wfc2003-0a n/a AC DRIVE $762.00
Woods wfc2003-0c n/a n/a $780.00
Woods wfc2003-0cht n/a n/a $780.00
Woods wfc2005-0c n/a n/a $894.00
Woods wfc2005-0cht n/a n/a $894.00
Woods wfc2007-5c n/a AC DRIVE $1,170.00
Woods wfc2007-5cht n/a AC DRIVE $1,170.00
Woods wfc201-0cht n/a n/a $1,512.00
Woods wfc2010 n/a n/a $1,314.00
Woods wfc2010-0c n/a n/a $1,512.00
Woods wfc2010-0cht n/a n/a $1,512.00
Woods wfc4001-0c inverter n/a $780.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Woods wfc4001-0cht n/a n/a $780.00
Woods wfc4002-0c n/a n/a $1,002.00
Woods wfc4002-0cht n/a n/a $1,002.00
Woods wfc4003 n/a n/a $948.00
Woods wfc4003-0a n/a n/a $1,062.00
Woods wfc4003-0c n/a n/a $948.00
Woods wfc4003-0cht n/a n/a $1,092.00
Woods wfc4005 n/a n/a $1,014.00
Woods wfc4005-0a n/a n/a $1,014.00
Woods wfc4005-0c n/a n/a $1,050.00
Woods wfc4005-0cht n/a n/a $1,164.00
Woods wfc4007-5c ac inverter n/a $1,344.00
Woods wfc4007-5cht n/a n/a $1,344.00
Woods wfc4010-0a n/a n/a $1,512.00
Woods wfc4010-0c n/a n/a $1,584.00
Woods wfc4010-0cht n/a AC DRIVE $1,644.00
Woods wfc4010-a n/a n/a $1,536.00
Woods wfc4015-0a n/a n/a $2,034.00
Woods wfc4015-0c n/a n/a $2,034.00
Woods wfc4020-0c n/a n/a $1,986.00
Woods wfc4020-0cht n/a n/a $1,986.00
Woods wfc4025-0c n/a n/a $2,220.00
Woods wfc4025-oc 25hp 460v inverter n/a $2,220.00
Woods wfc4060-0b n/a n/a $3,840.00
Woods wfc5020-0c n/a n/a $1,986.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Woods x2c4015-0b n/a n/a $1,740.00
Woods xfc1000-5b n/a n/a $318.00
Woods xfc1001-0b n/a n/a $372.00
Woods xfc2000-5b n/a n/a $486.00
Woods xfc2001-0b n/a n/a $378.00
Woods xfc2002-0b n/a n/a $372.00
Woods xfc2002-0c n/a n/a $498.00
Woods xfc2003-0c n/a n/a $588.00
Woods xfc2005-0b n/a n/a $744.00
Woods xfc4001-0a n/a n/a $378.00
Woods xfc4001-0b n/a n/a $514.00
Woods xfc4001-0c n/a n/a $516.00
Woods xfc4002-0b n/a n/a $516.00
Woods xfc4002-0c n/a n/a $630.00
Woods xfc4003-0b n/a n/a $540.00
Woods xfc4005-0a n/a n/a $582.00
Woods xfc4005-0b n/a n/a $618.00
Woods xfc4007-5b n/a n/a $924.00
Woodstone unknown n/a Circuit Board call
Woodward 5461-652 n/a n/a $1,866.00
Woodward 8290-184 n/a Control call
Woodward 8400-010 n/a Digital Speed Controller call
Woodward 9905-377 n/a n/a $600.00
Worcester/McCanna 12HM755Z n/a Actuator call
Word 95w300-0087 n/a n/a $1,620.00
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Word 95w300-0101 n/a n/a $1,620.00
Word 95w300-0110 n/a n/a $1,620.00
Word 95w300-0120 n/a n/a $1,620.00
Word 95w300-0132 n/a n/a $1,620.00
Word 95w300-0134 n/a n/a $1,620.00
Word 95w300-0151 n/a n/a $1,620.00
World Electronics, Inc. YA-A n/a Radio Repeater call
worldwide assy 400-4000 n/a single/layer/ I / O board call
Wpc 131 132 d9400 remote n/a $450.00
Wpc 136 n/a n/a $600.00
Wpc 800-173-00 n/a n/a $600.00
Wpc 805-603-00 n/a n/a $250.00
Wpc wpc 61 n/a n/a $250.00
WPI 280378 n/a EGR Keypad call
WPI HT/1000 n/a Pendant call
WPI unk n/a Terminal call
WPI Unknown n/a Profibus module call
Wrc 10001181 n/a n/a $810.00
Wright Machinery 92c222 n/a n/a $250.00
Wright Machinery 92c269 n/a n/a $250.00
Wright Machinery 92c346-a n/a n/a $250.00
wright/acma 92c262 n/a Circuit Board call
wright/curtis wc-667 n/a Circuit Board call
wright/curtis wc-674 n/a Circuit Board call
Manufacturer Part # Model Desc Ref Repair Price
Wst Powerelectronics 2558-01-b n/a n/a $372.00
Wyse 900983-07 wy-150 MONITOR $420.00
Wyse wy-50 n/a n/a $396.00

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