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Agilent Test and Lab Equipment Repair and Calibration

Agilent Test and Lab Equipment Repair
Agilent ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer. We service many types of Agilent Test & Lab equipment.

ACS Industrial Services provides expert Agilent Test and Lab Equipment Repair and Calibration services.

If you have Agilent Test or Laboratory Equipment calibration or repair problems, our expert representatives will help you solve them with workable, economical solutions. If your needs are time sensitive see our Rush Service. Contact one of our Test or Lab Equipment customer service reps today by calling 800-605-6419 or use our Contact Email Form.

Free Evaluations, Expert Service

  • Free evaluations are provided with a price quotation for the repair or calibration of your Agilent Test or Laboratory equipment. When approved, the equipment is serviced, tested and shipped back to you FAST. Quick turn-around Is our specialty. Click here to access our Free Evaluation Form, ACS Repair Form Or Call 800-605-6419 ACS Help and Job Status Center
  • Each Agilent item is expertly evaluated, tested, and serviced by trained, experienced technicians. Using sophisticated, modern diagnostic equipment in our repair labs guarantees reliable Test and Lab Equipment calibration and repairs. For Trouble Free Operation Upon Return Of Your Test and Laboratory Equipment, Rely On ACS Industrial Services.
  • Rush Repair Service is available upon request and in most cases can be completed in as little as 24 hours. Additional fees will apply for rush service.

Schedule Your Free Evaluation Today

Call now to speak to one of our Agilent Test and Lab Equipment customer service reps, 800-605-6419, or send your Agilent Test and Laboratory item to ACS for a Free Evaluation Today! Click Here For Our Free Evaluation Repair Form, ACS Repair Form.

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Model Numbers

The following is a list of many of the Agilent models we service and repair. We offer service for more than what is shown here. If the model number of your Agilent Test or Lab Equipment is not shown here, it is very likely we can be of assistance. Just contact us for more information.

05890-60015 66319B DSO7052A N1918A
05971-60003 66319D DSO7054A N1996A
05971-69001 6631B DSO7104A N1996A-503
05971-69012 6632 DSO80000B N1996A-506
05971-69018 66321B DSO80204B N2600A
05972-69003 66321D DSO80304B N2610A
05972-69020 6632B DSO80404B N2620A
1000 66332A DSO80604B N2640A
1000 Series 6633B DSO8064A N2640A-010
11715A 6634A DSO80804B N2X
11722A 6634B DSO8104A N3280A
11759C 6641A DSO81204B N3300A
11793A 6641A-J04 DSO90000A N3301A
11909A 6642A DSO9000A N3302A
141T 6643A DSO90254A N3303A
14565A 6643A-J11 DSO90404A N3304A
14575A 6644A DSO90604A N3305A
1631A 6644A-J09 DSO9064A N3306A
1631D 6645A DSO90804A N3307A
1660A 6645A-J05 DSO90808A N3383A
1660AS 6645A-J06 DSO9104A N4000A
1660CP 6651A DSO91204A N4001A
16720A 6651A-J01 DSO91208A N4002A
16760A 6651A-J03 DSO91304A N4873A
16800 6651A-J09 DSO91308A N4874A
16801A 6652A DSO9245A N4875A
16802A 6652A-J03 DSO9254A N4903A
16803A 6653A DSO9404A N4903A-C13
16804A 6653A-J04 E1961A N4903A-G13
16806A 6653A-J17 E1962B N4903B
16821A 6654A E1963A N4906A
16822A 6654A-J04 E1966A N4906B-012
16823A 6654A-J05 E1968A N5102A
16901A 6654A-J12 E1976A N5106A
16902A 6655A E1987A N5161A
16902B 6655A-J05 E1991B N5162A
16910A 6655A-J10 E1993A N5181A
16911A 6671A E1996A N5181A-506
16950A 6671A-J03 E1999A N5182A
16950B 6671A-J04 E2308A N5182A-503
16951B 6671A-J08 E3238S N5182A-506
16962A 6671A-J17 E3610A N5183A
1730B 6672A E3611A N5183A-520
1733A 6672A-J04 E3612A N5183A-540
1733L 6673A E3613A N5230A
1735A 6673A-J03 E3614A N5230A-025
214B 6673A-J08 E3615A N5230A-125
3000 6674A E3616A N5230A-220
3000 Series 6674A-J03 E3617A N5230A-240
33120A 6674A-J07 E361xA N5230A-245
3314A 6675A E3620A N5230A-246
33210A 6675A-J04 E3630A N5230C
33220A 6675A-J06 E3631A N5230C-225
33250A 6675A-J07 E3632A N5230C-246
3325A 6675A-J08 E3633A N5241A
3325B 6675A-J09 E3634A N5241PNA-X
3326A 6675A-J11 E363xA N5242A
33502A 6680A E3640A N5242A-200
34134A 6680A-J04 E3641A N5242A-400
34136A 6681A E3642A N5244A
34161A 6682A E3643A N5245A
34401A 6683A E3644A N5250C
34405A 6684A E3645A N5264A
34410A 6690A E3646A N5264A PNA-X
34411A 6691A E3647A N5340A
34420A 6692A E3648A N5341A
3458A 6800 E3649A N5700
346A 6810B E364xA N5700A
346B 6811B E3830 N5741A
346C 6812B E4350B N5742A
346CK01 6813B E4351B N5743A
3488A 6825A E4356A N5744A
34921A 6826A E4400B N5745A
34922A 6827A E4401B N5746A
34923A 6890A E4402B N5747A
34924A 6890N E4402B-COM ESA-E N5748A
34925A 7000 E4402B-STD ESA-E N5749A
34931A 7000 Series E4403B N5750A
34932A 71209A E4403B ESA-L N5751A
34933A 71400C E4404B N5752A
34937A 71401C E4404B-COM ESA-E N5761A
34938A 71450B E4404B-STD ESA-E N5762A
34941A 71603B E4405B N5763A
34942A 71612C E4405B-COM ESA-E N5764A
34945A 8000 E4405B-STD ESA-E N5765A
34945EXT 8000 Series E4406A N5766A
34946A 80000B Series E4406B N5767A
34947A 81100 E4407B N5768A
34950A 81101A E4407B-COM ESA-E N5769A
34951A 81104A E4407B-STD ESA-E N5770A
34952A 81105A E4408B N5771A
34959A 81110A E4408B ESA-L N5772A
34970A 81111A E4409B N5980A
3497A 81112A E4410A N5998A
34980A 81130A E4410B N6030A
3499A 81131A E4411B N6031A
3499B 81132A E4411B-BAS ESA-L N6032A
3560A 81133A E4412B N6033A
3561A 81134A E4413B N6700
3562A 81142A E4414B N6700A
3563A 8114A E4415B N6700B
35660A 81150A E4416A N6701A
35665A 8130A E4416A EPM-P N6702A
35670A 8131A E4416B N6705A
35677A 8133A E4417A N6710A
35677B 83006A E4417A EPM-P N6715A
35688E 83017A E4417B N672xA
3569A 83050A E4418A N6731B
3577A 83051A E4418B N6732B
3577B 83220E E4418B EPM N6733B
3585A 83236B E4419A N6734B
3585B 8340A E4419B N6735B
3587 8340B E4419B EPM N6736B
3588A 8341B E441XA N673xA
3589A 8347A E441XA CW N6741B
3708A 83480A E4420B N6742B
3852A 8348A E4421B N6743B
4155C 83496B-101 E4422B N6744B
4156C 8349B E4423B N6745B
4191A 83600A E4424B N6746B
4192A 83600B E4425B N674xA
4193A 83600L E4426B N6751A
4194A 83621A E4428C N6752A
4195A 83711A E4428C-503 N6753A
4263B 83711B E4430B N6754A
4268A 83712A E4431B N6757A
4274A 83712B E4432B N6761A
4275A 83731B E4433B N6762A
4276A 83732B E4434B N6773A
4277A 83751A E4435B N6774A
4278A 83751B E4436B N6775A
4280A 83752A E4437B N6776A
42841A 83752B E4438C N8241A
4284A 84105EM E4438C-503 N8242A
4285A 8447A E4438C-504 N8262A
4286A 8447D E4438C-506 N8480
4287A 8449B E4440A N8700
4288A 85046A E4443A N8731A
4291A 85046B E4445A N8731A-208-861
4291B 85047A E4446A N8732A
4294A 8508A E4447A N8732A-208-861
432A 85107B E4448A N8733A
4338B 8510B E4480A N8733A-208-861
4339B 8510C E4832A N8734A
4349B 85110A E4835A N8734A-208-861
4352B 8514B E4838A N8735A
435B 8515A E4861B N8735A-208-861
436A 8516A E4862B N8736A
437B 8517B E4863B N8736A-208-861
438A 8560E E4915A N8737A
4395A 8560EC E4980A N8737A-208-861
4396A 85630A E4981A N8738A
4396B 85640A E4991A N8738A-208-861
5000 8564EC E5052A N8739A
5000 Series 8565EC E5052B N8739A-208-861
53131A 8566B E5053A N8740A
53132A 85685A E5061A N8740A-208-861
53140 8568B E5061B N8741A
53147A 8590E E5062A N8741A-208-861
53148A 8591C E5062A-275 N8742A
53149A 86100A E5070B N8742A-208-861
53150A 86100C E5071A N8754A
53151A 86105C E5071B N8754A-208-861
53152A 86105C-200 E5071B-213 N8755A
53181A 86105C-300 E5071B-214 N8755A-208-861
53310A 86107A E5071B-414 N8756A
5364A 86108A E5071C N8756A-208-861
537A 86112A E5071C-235 N8757A
54600 Series 86116C E5071C-480 N8757A-208-861
54610 86118A E5071C-485 N8758A
54620 86130A E5071C-4K5 N8758A-208-861
54640 86142B E5091A N8759A
54754A 8642A E5100A N8759A-208-861
54800 Series 8642B E5100B N8760A
54832D 8643A E5505A N8760A-208-861
54853A 8644B E5515 N8761A
54854A 8645A E5515C N8761A-208-861
54855A 8647A E6000C N8762A
5890II 8648 E6381A N8762A-208-861
59306A 8648A E6601A N8895-1FP
5971 8648B E6831A N8973A
5971-1 8648C E6832A N8974A
5972 8648D E6833A N8975A
5972-5971 8656B E6835A N9000-503
5973 8657A E6890A N9000A
5975 8657B E7400A N9000A CXA
6000 8662A E7401A N9000A-507
6000 Series 8663A E7402A N9010A
6000L 8664A E7402A EMC N9010A EXA
6000L Series 8665A E7403A N9010A-503
6010A 8665B E7404A N9010A-507
6011A 8672A E7405A N9010A-513
6012B 8673D E7405A EMC N9010A-526
6015A 8673E E8241A N9010A-EA3
6023A 8700 E8247C N9010A-EMC
6028A 8711A E8254A N9010A-FSA
6030A 8712 E8257C N9010A-P03
6031A 8712ES E8257D N9010A-PFR
6032A 8712ET E8257D-520 N9020A
6033A 8713C E8257D-532 N9020A MXA
6034A 8714 E8257D-540 N9020A-503
6035A 8714ES E8257D-567 N9020A-513
6036A 8714ET E8263B N9020A-526
6037A 8719C E8264B N9020A-EMC
6038A 8719D E8267C N9030A PXA
6060B 8719ES E8267D N9310A
6060B-J08 8719ET E8267D-520 N9320A
6063B 8720C E8267D-532 N9320B
6114A 8720D E8267D-544 N9320B RF
6115A 8720ES E8285A N9330A
6177C 8720ET E8311A N9330B
6181C 8722C E8312A N9340A
6186C 8722D E8351C N9340B
6205C 8722ES E8356A N9912A
6209B 8722ET E8357A ParBERT
6227B 87405B E8358A PNA
6228B 87405C E8361A PNA-L
6253A 87510A E8361C PNA-X
6255A 8751A E8362A Q347B
6260B 8752A E8362B R347B
6268B 8752C E8362C U1050A
6269B 8753C E8363A U1051A
6274B 8753D E8363C U1056B
6282A 8753E E8364A U1061A
6286A 8753ES E8364B U1062A
6291A 8757C E8364C U1063A
6296A 8757D E8663D U1064A
6541A 8757E E8801A U1065A
6541A-J04 8780A E8802A U1066A
6542A 8901A E8803A U1070A
6543A 8901B E9300 U1071A
6544A 8902A E9320 U1071ATM1
6544A-J09 8902S E9340A U1071ATM2
6545A 8903B ENA U1071ATM3
6545A-J05 8903E ENA LF U1071ATM4
6551A 8904A ENA-L U1080A
6551A-J01 8920A EPM-P U1082A
6551A-J03 8920B ESA U1083A
6552A 8920D ESA-E U1084A
6553A 8921A ESA-L U1093A
6553A-J04 8922 ESG-A U1240A
6553A-J17 8924C EXA U1241A
6554A 89410A FieldFox U1242A
6554A-J04 89441A G1099-60015 U1250A
6554A-J05 8960 G1099-65010 U1251A
6554A-J12 89600S G1099-69001 U1252A
6555A 8970A G1099-69003 U1253A
6555A-J10 8970B G1530-60010 U1401A
6571A 8981B G1530-60011 U1600A
6571A-J03 8990A G1530-60201 U1600A Series
6571A-J04 8992A G2589-65001 U1602A
6571A-J17 9000 G2589-65005 U1604A
6572A 9000 Series G2589-65010 U1701A
6573A 90000A Series G3169-60015 U1731A
6573A-J03 B1500A G3170-65001 U1732A
6573A-J08 B1505A G3170-65006 U2000
6574A CSA G3170-65010 U2000A
6574A-J03 CXA G3170-65015 U2000B
6574A-J07 DSA90000A Infiniium U2000H
6575A DSA90254A InfiniiVision U2001A
6575A-J04 DSA90404A J-BERT U2001B
6575A-J06 DSA90604A J7830A U2001H
6575A-J07 DSA90804A J8115A U2002A
6575A-J08 DSA91204A J8120A U2002H
6575A-J09 DSA91304A L4400 U2004A
6575A-J11 DSA91304A-800 L4411A U2121A
66000A DSO1002A L4532A U2122A
66101A DSO1004A L4534A U2123A
66101A-J03 DSO1012A L4610A PRM-34B U2300A
66101A-J05 DSO1014A MSO6000A U2351A
66102A DSO1022A MSO6012A U2352A
66102A-J05 DSO1024A MSO6014A U2353A
66103A DSO3062A MSO6032A U2354A
66103A-J01 DSO3102A MSO6034A U2531A
66103A-J02 DSO3152A MSO6052A U2541A
66103A-J09 DSO3202A MSO6054A U2542A
66104A DSO5000 MSO6102A U2651A
66104A-J09 DSO5012A MSO6104A U2652A
66105A DSO5014A MSO7000A U2653A
66105A-J01 DSO5032A MSO7012A U2700A
66106A DSO5034A MSO7014A U2701A
66111A DSO5052A MSO7032A U2702A
6611C DSO5054A MSO7034A U2722A
6612C DSO6000A MSO7052A U2741A
6613C DSO6012A MSO7054A U2751A
6614C DSO6014A MSO7104A U2761A
6621A DSO6014L MSO8064A U2781A
6622A DSO6032A MSO8104A U2802A
6623A DSO6034A MSO9000A U3051A
6624A DSO6052A MSO9064A U3052A
6625A DSO6054A MSO9104A U3401A
6626A DSO6054L MSO9254A U3402A
6627A DSO6102A MSO9404A U3606A
6628A DSO6104A MXG U8001A
6629A DSO6104L N1675A OC-12 STM-4 U8002A
66309B DSO7000A N1677A STM-4 OC-12 U8903A
66309D DSO7012A N1911A Z2090B-170
66311A DSO7014A N1912A  
66311D DSO7032A N1913A  
66312A DSO7034A N1914A  

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