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Three Things You Can Do To Guarantee Electronic Repair Success

You have an Electronic Power Supply, Circuit Board, Drive, PLC, Servo, or other electronic component that needs electronic repair services. How do you decide where to send it to get the expert electronic repair service you need? To a vendor your company already uses? To an OEM? To a new repair house? It can be hard to determine where to send your items.

The following three considerations will insure that you receive the Expert Electronic Repair Service you need and the best value for your electronic repair dollar.

Make sure that the electronic repair company you choose has a No-Charge evaluation policy. In today's market place, no one should be paying for evaluations. Some repair companies will hide behind terms like "Bench Fee", "Bench Charge", "Estimate Fee", "Evaluation Fee" or some other cloaking device that charges you just to look at your item. And don't fall for the "We will subtract the fee if you approve the job" statement. You do not have to pay for evaluations if you do a little fact finding up front.

Check the warranty period and policy. If a repair firm does not have at least a two year warranty, look for another repair firm that does. And make sure the warranty policy covers the complete item you send in. Some electronic repair companies will only warranty the repair they made. A competent electronic repair firm will warranty the whole item, be it drive, circuit board, power supply, etc. A reputable repair firm will go through your item after it is repaired to check for weakened components that may work now, but might fail under load after the item is installed for just a short time. We all know there is nothing worse than installing a "repaired item" and have it fail shortly after it is installed. In a few electronic repair situations it is very hard to be 100% sure that the tech found all the problems. But using a firm that takes the extra step of checking for weakened components after the item is repaired will save you a lot of potential headaches.

Ask the electronic repair company how long it will take to evaluate your item and provide a quote for repair. If they have a turn-around time that is too long for you, find a company that can meet your requirements. Ask if they have a "Rush" program. Most electronic repair companies have them, but you may have to ask to find out. There is usually an additional fee for a "Rush" job, but sometimes your situation will require the faster return of your repaired item that a "rush" service provides.

Asking these questions and finding out how an Electronic Repair Firm handles them does not take much time, but it can make your electronic repair experience smooth, efficient and trouble free. We hope this information is of benefit to you in your search for Expert Electronic Repair Services.

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