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twenty years acs industrial services
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Here’s what others say about their experience (some customers prefer to submit their comments anonymously).
"I can't see how you could have performed any better."

"Yes, we received and installed the board. Trouble at first but we soon realized that during removal and installation, a couple of wires had come disconnected from a switch. Once we reconnected them everything worked fine and has for several weeks now. This is the second time we've used your services and we will choose your company for any future electronic repairs. I can't see how you could have performed any better."

Sam J.
Washington, NC

"ACS saved me a bundle ..."

"ACS saved me a bundle by repairing circuit boards (plus kept useable equipment out of the landfill; I hate waste and would much rather repair something than trash it and buy new, both from an economic and environmental aspect). Your repairs were expertly done and the company was a pleasure to work with. If I ever have an opportunity to recommend you to others, I certainly will!"

John V.
Manchester, MO

"Great job!! I will recommend ACS ..."

"Dear ACS, I want to thank you for the way you handled the 2 repairs. Your repair of our drive and motor helped us determine the true issue, a tooling error. Great job!! I will recommend ACS to all the sites we service."

Russ S.
Bronx, NY

"... thank you so much for your great work and service."

"You guys ROCK! The Rotary Transducer is working flawlessly, thank you so much for your great work and service."

Kenji R.
Guadalajara, Mexico

"... excellent service and communication from ACS Electronics"

"We have had excellent service and communication from ACS Electronics. I emphasize the word communication which is very hard to find with service providers today. We had 3 or 4 PC boards rebuilt by ACS over the last year. We have put each of them into service and found that each board worked perfectly. We thank you for this! We will have several more of the same type of PC boards coming in to be rebuilt by ACS over this new year. Thank you in advance for getting the boards into running condition."

Mike L.
Memphis, TN

"They were repaired and returned and operated perfectly!"

"We needed the 3 Gardner/Bender B2000 circuit boards diagnosed for repair. Board part #EC2006. They were repaired and returned and operated perfectly!"

Peter B.
Gaithersburg, MD

"Any boards like this will now be sent to you for repair."

"I wanted to let you know that once we got this board back it passed testing with flying colors (job A158944). Any boards like this will now be sent to you for repair. I would also like to send some other boards your way for repair. I’ll send info as the repairs come up. Thank you, have a good weekend."

Operations Manager
Pella, IA 50219

"I am very pleased ..."

"Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you and your staff for doing a great job. I am very pleased and I will pass your services on to other plasma cam owners. Thanks Again."

Steve V.
Business Owner
Galva IL

"Thank you all again for the excellent service."

"I wanted to thank you and your team for the expedited service fixing our circuit board. The board has been installed and we are back up and running. Thank you all again for the excellent service."

Greg E.
Plant Operation Manager
Auburn MA 01501

"Thank you for your quick turn around and great service!"

"ACS Team, I have received the repaired supply and installed it back into our machine. Everything is running as expected. Thank you for your quick turn around and great service! Best Regards"

Michael E.
Process Engineer
Mt Holly Springs PA 17065

"You helped save us thousands of dollars …"

"Good Morning, I wanted to let you know we got our machine back Wednesday, hooked it up and it worked great. Thank your people for me. You helped save us thousands of dollars and prevented a lot more down time. Good experience."

Jerry M

"The MC116 Board he repaired for me is working perfectly."

"Please tell Stephan, The MC116 Board he repaired for me is working perfectly. After Mitsubishi said it was not economically feasible to repair. Will recommend ACS Highly Thank you."

Jim K.
Glendale AZ

customer feedback
"I'm extremely pleased with the work performed!!"

"I would like to commend the Hickory service center for the work performed on these jobs. When we first started repairing these pcbs, there was about a 40% rework rate due to an understandably difficult repair. I delivered 7 PCBs for repair Monday of last week with a rush request. All 7 pcbs were finished by that Friday. I inspected all PCBs before installing for solder splashes or any visible damage near the repair site. I had seen damage in the past due to the very close tolerances so an occasional nick or scrape would not be a surprise. What I found were 7 PCBs that were expertly repaired. No nicks, scrapes, solder splashes, or anything else. In fact I had to check the manufacture date on the replaced chips to even be sure they had been replaced. The Hickory group has really stepped up their game. All 7 PCBs functioned properly when re-installed. I was hoping for 5! I'm extremely pleased with the work performed!!"

Bill G.

"the part works perfectly."

"Kristina, the part works perfectly. We will be sending more business your way. Thank You"

Kyle M.
"I would highly recommend."

"The items for repair were Italian components for our machinery and after speaking with ACS they had no problem with repair and fast turn around. I would highly recommend. Would Buy Again."

David P
PA - United States


"ACS came through for us when they found out repair parts from overseas could not be acquired. An upgraded power supply was found for us and the original warranty applied with all costs remaining the same. THIS WAS GREAT SERVICE! Our machine is now up and running, just fine. Thanks for the extra effort to get us running again!"

"Very professional company"

"Very professional company, and wonderful turn around time. Will definitely use for future repairs. Would Buy Again"


"thrilled with the work."

"Arnie, My technicians have installed it and are thrilled with the work. I am in the process of sending another power supply in for repair. You will definitely be getting more business from my company. Thank you."

Mikel M.
"done nothing but bend over backwards to help me out"

"Hey Arnold, Thanks for the email, but everything has been taken care of. Meg and your crew there have done nothing but bend over backwards to help me out on getting some stuff repaired and getting it back to me. Thanks."

Paul P.
Electronic Tech
Fort Worth, Texas

"Everything works great"

"We sent in two rotary encoders to be repaired. The model numbers weren't listed on their website, but we used their free evaluation to find out what they could do. We received back both encoders quickly, and installed one right away. Everything works great and our machine is back up and running."

"Everything seems to be in working order."

"We did receive our repaired encoders. One of them has been reinstalled on the machine. Everything seems to be in working order. The other part is being kept as a spare in case we have additional failures on other machines in the future. It has not been tested on our end, but both encoders were identical, so I have confidence it will work. Thanks for following up with this, and we'll let you know if we have future needs."

Keith F.

"I am ecstatic that you were able to fix the board."

"Arnold, We installed the board before Christmas break and it seems to work fine. We originally had four of these boards, one for each of our load frames. These boards are obsolete and MTS will not fix them. Thus, we were facing having to upgrade our entire controller at a cost of more than $250K. Thus, I am ecstatic that you were able to fix the board. I have one more of these boards that I plan to send to you later this month. Hopefully, it is the same problem. I also have several signal conditioner boards that have failed over the years. These boards are still available. However, if I can get these fixed at a reasonable price it could be a nice cost savings. Thank you for following up and for your great work. FYI, I know other people in my industry facing these same problems with obsolete boards. I will be passing along your information to these people. Best regards,"

Stuart B.
"Great Service."

"Great Service. Would Buy Again."

Renate B.

"ACS did them for half the cost."

"We had two equipment circuit boards that needed repaired. The OEM company charged a very high price to repair the boards. ACS did them for half the cost, plus a 2 year warranty certificate that the OEM company NEVER offered. We are very satisfied with the service of ACS!! Would Buy Again."

Milan V.
WY - United States
"Could not ask for better service."

"I sent in an obsolete damaged card overnight and was contacted the next day. They repaired it and got it back in a few days. Could not ask for better service. Would highly recommend to anyone. Would Buy Again."

TX - United States

"Just want to say you guys are great."

"Just want to say you guys are great. I have forwarded your information on to a mailing house that has lots of old equipment and had no way of fixing the boards, UNTIL NOW. Thanks."

Mike T.
System IT Specialist
"Great guys to work with."

"Great guys to work with. We had 2 PSU repaired for 3Com POE switches and both are working great. The PSU are no longer available and impossible to find, but now I can keep my gig switches working for years to come. Thanks for a great job! Would Buy Again."

Mike T.
WI - United States

"I am very pleased with ACS Industrial Services."

"I am very pleased with ACS Industrial Services. From their streamlined website quoting process, to their quality repair, to their knowledgable staff, and even their return packaging, I am impressed. Thanks so much! Would Buy Again."

OH - United States
"Turn around was quick"

"Service was spot on. This was one of the simplest transactions I've ever been part of. Turn around was quick and product was installed with no issues. Thanks. Would Buy Again."

NC - United States

"I am very pleased with ACS Industrial"

"Arnold: I did receive both encoders back last week on 10/5/16. I have been so busy that I did not have a chance to install the repaired encoder until yesterday afternoon. After the encoder was installed I powered up the CNC lathe and it worked just fine. This particular lathe sees a lot of small production work which we currently do not have any waiting on this machine. I am very pleased with the ACS repair. This encoder repair required not only electronic repair but also a new bearing and seal for the encoder shaft which looked so neatly assembled. Gasdorf has in past times relied on one particular repair facility, but this facility would not repair these Kuroda Encoders. So I went looking for other repair sources and after Googling the Kuroda Encoders ACS Industrial came up in the list of websites. I heard of ACS Industrial before because I have a spare GE AC200 Servo Drive amplifier with the ACS repair sticker on it. Overall I am very pleased with ACS Industrial and you will definitely see more work from Gasdorf Tool & Machine. The electronic and mechanical repair of this Kuroda Encoder were spot on. I was also very pleased with the packaging of the two encoders returned to Gasdorf by UPS. The ACS Industrial process of taking out a repair quote number from the website is just awesome. This has streamlined things so nicely, thanks! In my dealings with two other repair facilities there is much phone/email tag going on to complete a repair. Thanks!"

Dennis D.
Lima, Ohio
"We will use ACS in the future."

"Hi Arnie, Yes we received it, installed it,and it works just like it should. We are happy with the repair. Also it arrived just as you said would. We will use ACS in the future. Thanks."

Bruce J.
Project Engineer