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ACS Industrial Services provides professional Amtex Electronics Pty Ltd Repair services.

When you have Amtex Electronics Pty Ltd repair problems, our expert customer service representatives will help you solve them with workable, economical solutions - even if yours is time sensitive and you need Rush Service. Call 800-605-6419 to speak to one of our professional customer service representatives, or use our Contact Page.
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ACS services most Amtex Electronics Pty Ltd electronic equipment. Visit our Repair Services Page to learn more about the types of Amtex Electronics Pty Ltd electronics we service.


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ACS Industrial Services is a mid-size, third party electronics repair firm with a repair center in Hickory, North Carolina and headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland. We provide expert repair services for virtually all types of commercial and industrial electronics. For more information on ACS see our About Page.


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Our repair pricing is very competitive with the industrial repair industry and our repair quality is world class. For more detailed pricing explanation see the Repair Pricing Page.

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Call now, 800-605-6419, one of our Amtex Electronics Pty Ltd customer service reps is waiting to answer your questions, or send your Amtex Electronics Pty Ltd electronics to ACS for a Free Evaluation Today! Try our ACS Free Evaluation Repair Form.

Our Customers Say


I would like to commend the Hickory service center for the work performed on these jobs. When we first started repairing these pcbs, there was about a 40% rework rate due to an understandably difficult repair. I delivered 7 PCBs for repair Monday of last week with a rush request. All 7 pcbs were finished by that Friday. I inspected all PCBs before installing for solder splashes or any visible damage near the repair site. I had seen damage in the past due to the very close tolerances so an occasional nick or scrape would not be a surprise. What I found were 7 PCBs that were expertly repaired. No nicks, scrapes, solder splashes, or anything else. In fact I had to check the manufacture date on the replaced chips to even be sure they had been replaced. The Hickory group has really stepped up their game. All 7 PCBs functioned properly when re-installed. I was hoping for 5! I'm extremely pleased with the work performed!!

Bill G.