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How do I tell if my repair is considered “industrial”?

Please note: Our expertise is in the repair of Industrial Electronics. We do not repair Consumer Electronics.
This is a very common and understandable question. Here are three ways to tell if your item that needs repair would be considered "industrial" vs "consumer".
  1. Category: Circuit boards and electronic components from laptops, cellphones, home appliances, home air conditioners, hot tubs, pools, gaming consoles, computers, home exercise equipment, home gate and garage openers, bit coin miners, automotive components, small marine equipment, home audio, RV electronics, are NOT considered industrial and would be considered consumer electronics.
  2. Cost: Most consumer grade electronics are relatively inexpensive. If your item would cost you less than $700 to replace, it is unlikely to be a good candidate for an industrial electronic repair center.
  3. Part Availability: Since we do not support Consumer Electronics, we do not have easy, economical access to many components necessary to repair those items.

And if you are still unsure, please contact our friendly and helpful customer service representatives and just ask. Call 800-605-6419 or use our Contact Us Form. They will be able to help you and if your item is consumer, they may be able to direct you to a good repair alternative. We are really glad you considered ACS for your repair and look forward to working with you today or in the future!

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